Payment Gateways in Oman

Reflected in numerous changes, the rapid development of high technologies has revolutionized the payment landscape, revealing effective solutions for web commerce merchants. In times of progress triumph, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the preferable Oman payment gateways due to the constant various requirements tightening and expanding evaluation criteria, including quality of services, options for payment, security measures, etc.

Looking for the most beneficial payment solutions, more and more business owners stop their choice on the Akurateco. A white-label payment solution provider offers a rapidly growing platform in the payment-processing industry with a set of options for your brand and company promotion.

Payment Gateway Market in Oman

In recent years, the banking landscape in Oman has profoundly changed amid a shift in traditional emphasis and the transfer of financial transactions online. The digitalization of payments positively affected the Omani financial sector from multiple sides, allowing ventures to grow revenue and open up unprecedented opportunities, keeping with the times.

Various factors are involved in the formation and growth of the fintech industry in Oman. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly contributed to global changes, narrowing the focus to online payments. Today, there is a swift development of web commerce markets with the adoption of digital payment options. Such transformations have affected approaches to searching for payment service providers, requiring close attention to detail when considering a particular Oman online payment gateway to ensure it meets all the needs of merchants and customers.

How to lauch a payment gateway in Oman?

There are several ways to become a Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Oman. First, you can establish a payment gateway independently. However, it will be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. To start a payment gateway from zero, it’s imperative to first conduct comprehensive research on the local market dynamics and regulatory requirements stipulated by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) and other relevant authorities. Subsequently, a robust payment system must be meticulously developed and tailored to cater to the unique preferences and needs of Omani consumers and businesses. Collaboration with indigenous financial institutions and forging secure connections with banks are pivotal for seamless transaction processing as well. Then, thorough testing and quality assurance protocols should be executed to guarantee the dependability and security of the payment gateway. After that, the payment gateway can be introduced into the Omani market.

Alternatively, you can launch a payment gateway in Oman without any hassle by embracing a white-label payment solution. This approach involves partnering with a reputable white-label provider, ideally one with a proven track record in the Omani market, to leverage a pre-existing payment gateway system. The chosen white-label solution should already conform to local regulations and security protocols, alleviating the complexities associated with navigating intricate licensing procedures. Another major advantage of a white-label payment gateway is that it has customized features and enables branding under your business’s identity, facilitating a swifter time-to-market. By harnessing a white-label payment gateway, businesses can concentrate on customer acquisition and expansion initiatives, all the while benefiting from a trusted and reliable payment infrastructure.

Akurateco payment solution for your online business

Over the past couple of years, the expansion and improvement of Akurateco’s payment solutions have been gaining momentum. As a white-label Oman payment gateway solution, Akurateco features support and a range of significant services worth considering for online business owners.

High-Security Measures

Consideration of ensuring proper security is the primary criterion when searching for a suitable Oman payment gateway, split into various aspects. Putting customers’ safety at the forefront, Akurateco is equipped with a sophisticated fraud prevention system. The newest security measures monitor the security of transactions and the use of services, nipping any suspicious actions in the bud. The company also partners with third-party risk-scoring providers, including Fraudio, MaxMind, and Acuity Tec.

Increased Number of Successful Transactions

Akurateco offers several pathways to increase conversion metrics and distribute declined transactions between other payment providers to process them successfully. Cutting-edge technologies and features, such as intelligent routing and cascading, are aimed at boosting PSP business of any size. Together, they can increase the conversion ratio by up to 20%.

Comprehensive Payments Analysis

With transaction status tracking and easy-to-manipulate data governance, the dashboard, customized at your discretion with a range of widgets, a drag-and-drop feature, action reports, and other financial analytics options, contribute to the constant awareness of a web commerce business. Seamless monitoring and manageable tools will allow merchants to develop data-driven approaches, increasing payment success rates.

In-App Transactions Introduction  

Providing a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), Akurateco simplifies financial transactions with the latest modules, contributing to the highest conversion metrics with just one click. Software development kits for iOS and Android device owners ensure safe and lightning-fast online money transfers.

Who can use Akurateco payment solutions?

Akurateco has a set of advantages suitable for payment service providers and merchants of any scale. A white-label payment solution allows fintech providers to save time and money by eliminating the need for a building or upgrading payment system. At the same time, local and international merchants should pay attention to their payment orchestration platform, growing their business, increasing effectiveness and transaction approval, tracking payments, and seamless use of other options.

Payment methods in Oman

The relentless development of the Omani digital economy reflects the expanding available payment options for successful business promotion.


Everything you need for instant online transfers with this wallet is a mobile number. A range of options for depositing and withdrawing and diverse financial operations made this payment method one of the most suitable in Oman.


Founded by the Central Bank of Oman, this payment method offers online transactions via debit and credit cards available in the country. Multiple financial channels are compatible with this web commerce payment system, contributing to the even more rapid development of the Oman payment gateway market.


Millions of customers encouraged with cashback and valuable opportunities have already verified the reliability of this method, using dozens of services to make any financial operations instantly and securely. An innovative mobile application with all the necessary functions helps users feel like a fish in water and transfer money anytime and wherever they are. Learn more about OPay in our dedicated article.


Even though Oman residents cannot withdraw through this payment method, a digital payment feature still allows users to send money and shop in online marketplaces with their Omani PayPal account. Find out more about PayPal here.


With this mobile application, everyone will obtain options to make deposits and withdrawals, pay bills, make purchases online, and do any other transactions for individuals or multiple niche specialists.

Best Payment Gateways in Oman

Due to each variation’s significant differences and advantages, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs and customers to distinguish the best payment gateway in Oman from the expanded list of all possible options.

  • Thawani: Thawani is among the leading payment gateways in Oman that provides favorable conditions for web commerce development. With the Central Bank of Oman license and PCI-DSS Certification, the payment service provider ensures secure and seamless transactions on merchants’ websites and apps.
  • MyFatoorah: MyFatoorah became the widespread payment gateway in Oman due to the numerous services and features that empower your e-commerce company in multiple directions, accelerate financial transactions, and maximize business revenue. Learn more about MyFatoorah here.
  • QuadraPay: QuadraPay is an equally beneficial Oman payment gateway for web commerce merchants in different niches. A secure international business processing solution has long proven its professionalism, distinguished by reliability and comprehensive support at low cost.
  • Fibonatix: Fibonatix is one more significant payment gateway in Oman with a range of services adaptable to the needs of your business and aimed at improving the efficiency of the payment flow. Growth, protection, and optimization are three pillars of this world payment expert.

Integration of an online payment gateway in Oman with Akurateco

With Akurateco’s white-label PCI DSS-certified payment gateway, PSPs, merchants, and other representatives of the fintech industry can get a ready-to-use system for launching and building their business, integrated with more than 330 connectors. 

With the possibility of the lightning-fast and seamless connection of innumerable Oman payment gateways and methods in one integration, Akurateco is gaining popularity among more and more national and international merchants with branding services and offers for customers.


Which payment gateway is available in Oman?

There is a range of available payment gateways in Oman, each with its features and capabilities for representatives of the fintech industry. Among them are MyFatoorah, 2Checkout, and many other variations. Also, there are white-label payment gateway providers like Akurateco that offer access to multiple Oman payment gateways on one platform via a single integration.

How does Akurateco support businesses in Oman to manage and minimize payment risks?

Akurateco is a PCI DSS-certified payment solutions provider that offers advanced fraud prevention technologies and partners with third-party risk-scoring providers. With the latest payment routing, Akurateco routes the digital payment to channels most favorable for transaction approvals. At the same time, the distribution of the declined ones will help track the reasons for failure with the further development of data-driven strategies.

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