Payment Gateways in Colombia

In recent years, global changes dictated by the prosperity of high technology have significantly transformed Colombia’s financial and banking sectors. Supported by a variety of factors, most booming during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more financial transactions are gradually shifting online, expanding the list of payment methods in Colombia and offering many benefits to professionals in various fields.

The answer to the question of which Colombia payment gateway is the best is not clear, as all available options vary in the features and benefits offered. However, web commerce specialists and fintech providers are increasingly considering Akurateco White-Label Payment Gateway to develop and implement business goals. An innovative white-label payment system provides a package of powerful tools to promote your business successfully, regardless of industry or size.

Colombia payment gateway landscape: An overview

The Colombian economy is rapidly gaining momentum against the rapid expansion of digital payment options, supported by a string of events, including COVID-19. Available payment methods are saturated with new ones, divided into card-based options that cover the majority of the digital payment market, wire transfer, e-wallet, and cash. 

Such variations allow customers and merchants to make online money transfers, convert into the desired currency, purchase in web stores, and make other operations, choosing the most convenient payment method.

According to Statista, the projected indicators are that by 2024, the total transaction value of the Colombian digital payments market will reach almost $20 billion this year. Growing at a CAGR of 6.64%, by 2028, it will increase to $25.63 billion.

How to launch a payment gateway in Colombia

If you want to become a Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Colombia or develop your own payment system for business, there are a couple of options available. You can either launch a payment gateway from scratch or partner with a white-label payment gateway provider. Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Launching your own Colombia payment gateway independently involves conducting thorough research on local market dynamics and regulatory requirements set by entities like the Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC). The process involves understanding prevalent payment methods, obtaining compliance with standards such as PCI DSS, and acquiring necessary licenses. Next, you need to develop a robust payment system tailored to meet the needs of Colombian consumers and businesses, collaborating with local financial institutions for seamless transaction processing. Finally, you should undergo rigorous testing to ensure the reliability and security of the payment gateway before launching it into the market.

Alternatively, to expedite the launch of the Colombia payment gateway, you can partner with a reputable white-label provider experienced in the market such as Akurateco. They offer a pre-built payment system that complies with local regulations and security standards, simplifying the process of obtaining licenses. Entrepreneurs can customize this solution to reflect their brand identity, facilitating a quicker market entry. By leveraging a white-label payment gateway, they can focus on customer acquisition and growth initiatives while benefiting from a proven and reliable payment infrastructure tailored to Colombia.

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The most popular payment methods in Colombia

There are many popular payment methods in Colombia. Everyone can find the most convenient and suitable method for their purposes, choosing among cash, debit or credit cards, e-wallet, bank transfers, etc.


Another payment solution, CredibanCo Colombia, offers a range of cutting-edge products for financial transactions and business development of any size. After installing the official mobile application, customers will open multiple online transfer options, including all kinds of payment cards available in the country. Therefore, merchants can satisfy the customer’s request for CredibanCo Visa Colombia. CredibanCo Plus will allow you to track transaction flow and provide other functions to develop your business successfully.


As one of the most common bank transfer payment solutions, Pagos Seguros en Línea offers multiple options to make purchases or transfer money in real-time. Consolidating instant payment with wire transfer systems, this Automated Clearing House method has earned recognition from customers and e-commerce specialists thanks to lightning-fast operations, convenient transaction conditions, and many opportunities for different purposes.


Launched almost ten years ago, Nequi has firmly established itself among the most common payment methods in Colombia. It offers safe and convenient capabilities for consumers in multiple digital products. With a user-friendly design and a set of features, the e-wallet mobile app will make any transaction fast and hassle-free.


A digital bank by Banco Davivienda, DaviPlata Colombia, has become a popular payment option that deserves attention. With its feature-reach mobile app, Colombians can make international transactions and convert currency from anywhere in the country without resorting to the help of a designated agent or visiting a bank institution. Many options will allow them to make money transfers online faster and easier with 24/7 access to the product package and comprehensive support.


One of Colombia’s most preferred payment methods allows you to make transactions anytime, anywhere, using a mobile app. In addition, Bancolombia Personas’s developments offer many features and exclusive options that enrich the idea of bank transfers with new possibilities.

Top payment gateways in Colombia

Multiple payment gateways available in Colombia offer various benefits to achieve different goals, allowing e-commerce specialists to expand the scope of their sales and satisfy customer demands.


As a popular payment gateway Colombia, PayU allows web commerce representatives to develop their business and increase conversion rates by accepting online payments through a range of available methods and supporting any currency. By tracking the transaction flow and using powerful tools, entrepreneurs can significantly promote their businesses by attracting more customers. Find out more about PayU in our dedicated article.


By choosing PayZen to promote their business, merchants across various industries can improve conversions with multiple payment method acceptance. A range of available options will satisfy customers’ needs by synchronizing the gateway solution with your site through plugin installation. Check out in-depth information on PayZen here.


Offering the best digital payment solutions, Rapyd is one of the most preferred gateways that support Colombian merchants in growing businesses of any size and industry. With the latest fintech tools, a payment processor allows e-commerce specialists to unlock many valuable options and access hundreds of payment methods with a Merchant API integration to their platforms. Learn more about Rapyd in the article.


With the latest fintech services, Ebanx is a widely preferred Colombia payment gateway. It allows web commerce specialists to sell their services and products and rapidly increases revenues. Merchants can take advantage of the all-in-one marketing platform solution, user-friendly and effective mobile application, and other powerful tools to raise markets. Discover more about Ebanx here.


As a beneficial way to boost businesses, Bancolombia allows you to increase transaction approvals and meet customers’ needs with cutting-edge products. Split into special business lines, it offers hundreds of thousands of merchants the opportunity to sell services or products and receive money transfers via Bancolombia QR Code, expanding a list of options.


A widespread digital banking platform offers many options for web commerce specialists and customers. Going beyond just the payment method known as an e-wallet and bank account, Nequi is becoming a cutting-edge online payment channel Colombia, helping boost sales and expanding the customer base of businesses of any size. With comprehensive support, merchants of all industries will seamlessly integrate it with their websites.

How can Akurateco help you with payment gateway integration in Colombia?

With Akurateco’s advanced white-label payment gateway, merchants will have access to over 350 banks and payment gateways, easily integrating them into their digital products. A set of available integration options, including mobile SDK, CMS plugins, HPP, and API rest/ API soap, will allow you to make this process as fast and smooth as possible.

Benefits of using Akurateco white-label payment gateway in Colombia

With a range of Akurateco’s features and advantages, such as smart transaction routing and cascading that improve payment conversions, a fraud prevention system, cutting-edge data analytics, multiple currency processing, etc, Colombia entrepreneurs will discover diverse ways to develop their businesses and expand a customer base, satisfying all possible needs.

Dedicated Payment Team

As a feature-rich white-label payment gateway solution, Akurateco offers support at all stages of cooperation with a team of professionals ready to lend a helping hand to merchants looking for ways to promote their businesses. Focusing on issue resolution, on-time delivery, and ubiquitous assistance, true masters of their craft use the newest fintech tools, guaranteed to satisfy consumer requests.

The Highest Security Level

Akurateco is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 certified payment software provider. With the newest fraud prevention mechanisms and security measures, Akurateco offers seamless use of its options, promptly detecting and neutralizing any cyber threats with a preliminary in-depth analysis of their nature and level of danger. 

Preventing and combating any manifestations of fraud is carried out with advanced built-in anti-fraud filters and with the help of external risk-scoring providers, protecting merchants and their customers.

Advanced Routing of Payments

With Akurateco’s intelligent payment routing and cascading system, merchants of any industry will increase conversion rates by controlling transaction flow. Routing to the most favorable channels will allow businesses to get better conversions, increasing the number of approvals. At the same time, declined transaction distribution to multiple channels reduces decline rates and improves the checkout experience.


Which payment methods does Colombia use?

Various Colombia payment methods are popular in the region, with CredibanCo, PSE, Nequi, DaviPlata, and Bancolombia leading the way. However, when selecting the most relevant payment methods for your business, it is important to take into account the preferences of your target audience.

What is PSE in Colombia?

PSE is an acronym for Pagos Seguros en Línea, a secure online payment method for sending and receiving money and purchasing via bank transfers. PSE, developed by ACH, monitoring and controlling automated wire transfers, allows consumers to make real-time transactions directly from their bank accounts without resorting to another method.

How do you accept payments in Colombia?

There are several ways to start accepting payments in Colombia. You can either develop a payment system from scratch, investing plenty of time and money into it, or partner with a reputable payment software provider that has extensive experience in the region.

Does Akurateco support popular Colombian payment methods?

Akurateco supports multiple payment options, including local and global, as well as traditional and alternative payment methods. Among more than 350 payment connectors, PSPs and merchants can find Ebanx, PayU, or any other payment Colombia, accessing all of them in one single integration.

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