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Apr 20, 2022
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    For any e-commerce site, it is essential to have a simple, understandable, and well-designed payment page. Before the client makes a payment, there is only one last step – the payment page. This section of the website is crucial because the page shapes the client’s buying experience. The convenience, smoothness, and infallibility of the data entry and payment process determine whether the customer will complete the purchase or not. 

    To create a payment page, the merchant needs to connect payment gateway. The right choice of payment gateway will increase the conversion rate. However, the right gateway by itself does not guarantee the completion of payment. The professional payment page requires complex solutions, which we will cover in this article. 

    Payment page: what is its goal

    The payment page is where the client enters his payment info to complete the order. It is the key page on the website that suggests the suitable method of payment, asks for the details of the purchase (shipping, billing, etc.), and completes the payment. 

    If the payment page is not professional, there may be many causes for a purchase being abandoned in the middle of payment, which is the loss of potential profit for the merchant. 

    The common reasons for payment incompletion are as follows:

    1. The process of checkout is time-consuming and confusing;
    2. There are many additional costs hidden in the selection process;
    3. Registration on the website is required;
    4. There are doubts about sensitive data security;
    5. There was an error in the payment process;
    6. The suggested payment options are not convenient;
    7. There is a problem with credit card acceptance.

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    How to create a professional payment page

    The main goal of the professional payment page is to make a delightful and trouble-free client experience. To achieve this, the payment page has to be accessible, secure, user-friendly, offer multiple payment methods, and quickly and faultlessly process transactions. 

    The right gateway solution ensures the technical capacities meet the needs of the merchant. The professional payment page should be:

    Customized for the merchant’s business

    Like the other sections of the website, the payment page should be customized for the merchant’s e-commerce. It includes both the visual components and input fields that echo the brand style.

    Offering multiple payment options, including APMs and cryptocurrencies

    The availability of various payment options significantly expands the number of clients. In recent years, alternative payment methods and cryptocurrencies took the lead in many countries and business areas, that is why access to them is vital. 

    Allowing on the move mobile payments 

    In today’s world, people are used to the fact that the payment process takes only a couple of seconds thanks to contactless payment technologies. With the smartphone in a hand, a client can make a payment on the go via Apple Pay and Google Pay without entering their data over and over again. Since these payment methods are convenient for the majority of clients, it is important to have them on the payment page. 

    Providing security certificate 

    For the client not to doubt the security of transmitted information, the merchant has to make sure that the appropriate security measures are taken regarding the sensitive data. That is why the implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol is obligatory. TLS encrypts the data during its transmission. One more step towards the safety of the client’s data is PCI data security standard compliance, which is a set of specifications that ensure the security of the cardholders’ data.

    Not imposing too many payment conditions

    A large percentage of clients abandon the shopping cart at the stage of payment because its process looks too complicated and time-consuming. For instance, if a website requires registration or many fields need to be filled out. You will not lose potential profit if the payment page requires only the necessary information. There should be a significant reason for website registration or phone number request. Otherwise, you lose clients in the final stage of purchase in vain.

    Professional Payment Pages Examples 


    Enclave is a brand of watches that has an online store. Its payment page represents an effective solution for online shopping – express checkout. There are three main options for express checkout on the website: ShopPay, PayPal, and GooglePay. These checkout systems can automatically remember and apply customers’ contact and payment information, that is why the payment process is speeded up. The opportunity to make payment faster, without filling out a lot of fields, significantly increases conversion.


    Apple is a US-based global technology company that produces electronics, software, and online services. Apple uses PayPal as one of its payment methods. It is one of the most popular APMs. The clients choosing PayPal at the checkout do not have to enter credit card data every time they purchase. Due to that, there is no question about sensitive data security, and the level of customer trust is increased. 


    Asos is a UK online clothes and cosmetic retailer. Its payment page has an option to use Klarna’s and Clearpay’s alternative payment methods. Via Klarna and Clearpay, a client can buy the goods of a merchant without paying right away. A client can cover the price of the purchase in parts. Their service makes a payment to the merchant by itself and creates a payment schedule convenient for the client afterward. 

    Art of the Movies

    Art of the Movies is a movie poster business based in the UK. Its payment page provides cryptocurrency as a payment method. Now when cryptocurrency is on par with other payment methods, it is time for merchants to add it to their payment pages. 

    One more step toward cryptocurrency acceptance is that as of now only a few merchants have such a payment method. So, it is a chance to attract more clients by being a front-runner, considering that in the future the cryptocurrency will only develop further. 

    Another distinguishing feature of this payment page is the statement “all transactions are secure and encrypted” which increases the level of customer trust.

    In outline

    The professional payment page positively influences the conversion rate. To achieve this, the merchant needs to understand the goal and top trends of payment pages. Among them are cryptocurrency acceptance, alternative payment methods solutions, and Apple and Google Pay availability. It is also essential to accept payments securely and provide TLS and PCI certificates. All the conditions listed above will make your payment page convenient for the client and considerably profit your business.

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