White label Fintech Solutions

Maintaining a competitive edge is paramount in FinTech. Akurateco’s White Label FinTech Solutions empower you to do just that. Explore a comprehensive suite of customizable, secure, and scalable white-label products designed to elevate your brand and streamline your financial services.

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Benefits of White Label FinTech Platform

A White Label FinTech Solutions Platform offers numerous advantages for businesses looking to enter or expand in the financial technology sector. These benefits include

Brand Identity Preservation

White-label solutions allow businesses to maintain their brand identity while offering financial services, ensuring consistency and trust among customers.

Cost Efficiency

Developing a FinTech platform from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming. White-label solutions provide a cost-effective way to access ready-made, customizable technology.

Speed to Market

White-label solutions significantly reduce the time it takes to launch financial services, enabling businesses to enter the market quickly and stay ahead of competitors.


While the core technology is pre-built, white-label solutions offer room for customization to meet specific business requirements and target audiences.


White-label platforms can adapt and scale as a business grows, accommodating increased transaction volumes and expanding service offerings.

Expertise Access

Businesses benefit from the expertise of the white-label provider, including compliance, security, and industry best practices.

Risk Mitigation

White-label providers often handle regulatory compliance and security, reducing the burden of risk on the business.

Focus on Core Competencies 

Businesses can concentrate on their core competencies while leaving the technical aspects of financial services to experts.

What we offer:

At Akurateco, our white-label solutions cater to various industries, offering a range of services

Tailored Payment Gateways.

Customized payment gateways designed to fit your specific business requirements.

Multi-Currency Support.

Accept payments in various currencies, expanding your reach to global markets.

Robust Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive fraud prevention tools to safeguard your business and customers.

Seamless Integration.

Effortless integration with various platforms, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Scalable Subscription Billing.

Support for recurring billing, ensuring a steady cash flow for subscription-based businesses.

PCI DSS Compliance.

Adherence to the highest security standards to protect customer data and prevent fraud.

Flexible Payment Methods.

A variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, mobile money, electronic payments, and cryptocurrencies.

Expert Support.

Dedicated support from our team, assisting you from day one.

Fintech White Label Solutions for Various Types of Businesses

Explore our versatile Fintech White Label Solutions for diverse businesses:

Payment Providers

Start and manage your payment business without the burden of capital expenses. We handle software development, infrastructure maintenance, and technical support.

Online Businesses / Merchants

Expand into new markets, boost revenue, and increase approval rates. Let us manage your payment technology while you focus on growth.

Marketplaces / Platforms

Integrate financial services seamlessly into your platform and tap into an additional revenue stream through embedded payment facilitation.

Banks / Acquirers

Efficiently serve your merchants with our comprehensive solutions. We offer merchant onboarding, compliance, customizable payment pages, settlements, anti-fraud measures, third-party integrations, and more.

Customized solutions for all types of FinTech companies

Akurateco understands the uniqueness of FinTech businesses. We offer:

Scalability for Startups: Grow seamlessly.

Robust Risk Management: Protect against fraud.

Compliance Services:  Navigate regulations easily.

Customizable Features: Adapt to your needs.

Global Reach: Expand your geographical scope.

Responsive Support: Get help when you need it.

We tailor solutions to elevate your FinTech venture, whatever your size or specialization

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Akurateco offers dedicated support to FinTech startups from day one.

We guarantee fast integration with the system, new connectors added within a week upon request, and a secure payment environment thanks to our powerful technology and 15+ years of hands-on experience in the industry.

How to choose a fintech software platform

Selecting the ideal fintech software platform for your business is pivotal. Consider these key factors:


Ensure it can grow with your business.


Ensure seamless system integration.


Tailor it to your specific needs


Assess available customer assistance.


Security: Verify industry-standard security measures.


Understand pricing structures.


Confirm regulatory support.


Analyze reporting capabilities.

Payment Methods:

Check diverse payment options.


Research the provider's track record.

Choose wisely for your fintech success. Akurateco's solutions meet these criteria and more, securing your financial future.

Why Akurateco?

Discover why Akurateco is your trusted partner in the FinTech industry

Cutting edge Technology

Leverage our innovative solutions and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape.

Unparalleled Security

Protect your business and customer data with our robust security measures, including PCI DSS compliance.

Seamless Integration

Integrate our white-label solutions seamlessly into your existing systems, without development, ensuring a smooth transition.


What is a White Label FinTech Platform?

A white-label FinTech platform is a customizable, ready-made financial technology solution that businesses can brand as their own. It allows companies to offer financial services and products without developing the technology from scratch, saving time and resources.

How Can White Label FinTech Solutions Benefit My Business?

White Label FinTech Solutions offer several benefits, including faster market entry, cost-effectiveness, brand customization, and access to advanced financial technology. They enable businesses to provide competitive financial services while maintaining their brand identity.

Do Your Fintech White Label Solutions Include Payment Processing, Risk Management, and Compliance Services?

Yes, our White Label FinTech Solutions encompass a comprehensive suite of services, including digital payment processing, risk management, and compliance solutions. This ensures that your financial offerings are secure, compliant with industry regulations, and capable of handling transactions effectively.

How Scalable Are Akurateco's White Label FinTech Solutions?

Akurateco’s FinTech White Label Solutions are highly scalable, and tailored to grow with your business. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our flexible products can adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring seamless expansion without compromising performance or security.

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