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xpate is a payment processing company that was created in Riga, Latvia, with a goal to reinvent the financial world as the official website says. The founders developed a unified account for all payment methods with intuitive payment processing. The processor was licensed by the FCA under AEMI license and Novum Financial Technologies Pte.Ltd registered in Singapore and supervised by the Monetary Authority of that country. The company aims to erase the geographical barriers and help people of the world connect with each other financially.

xpate presents an international network that unites almost 80 payment methods and makes everything possible to provide numerous services to their customers including transfer of funds, payments to vendors, conversion of funds into alternative currencies. This PCI DSS Level 1 compliant enterprise cares about full payment security so it also made its online card payments 3D secure.

The platform focuses on the simplicity of merchants’ services. At this, the fees shouldn’t be high. The acceptance of fees organized by the xpate team helps merchants to concentrate on their business needs without thinking about financial issues. The processing company is ready to shoulder this responsibility.

xpate benefits

The processing company deals with such payment systems as Visa, Mastercard, MIR and accepts payments in different currencies. There is a wide-ranging local network of acquirers that helps merchants to save on interchange fees. xpate offers multi-currency processing and tries to expand the list of currencies to satisfy the needs of its clients. A huge network that was built by the enterprise helps to alleviate cross-border transactions to make them fast, effortless, and smooth.

The team developed a white label payment gateway called xpate Links. It is tailored specifically to acquirers. The acquirer doesn’t have to hire staff to work with Links. There is also no need for technical interaction on the part of the acquirer.

The company practices an individual approach enabling customization within a single, global platform. A white label payment gateway can be customized to meet the demands of different acquirers by handling the operational risk processes.

The advantages of the offering include the deployment of a turnkey payment solution that comes with fraud control, reporting, and dispute management. The merchants get access to individual settings for fraud management that brings to high acceptance rates of payments. Acquirers don’t need their own fraud and dispute experts as these tasks are entirely fulfilled by the xpate gateway Links. The whole dispute cycle is executed by xpate.

The company offers round-the-clock technical support for merchants and acquirers to make the financial operations flawless 24/7. xpate consults merchants on the IPS (Interbank Payment System) issues. The experts with extensive experience know everything about the card issuing and acquiring. They also can prepare a detailed report on a service or product. In this way, the clients of the company can select the right products and services for their company’s needs. The consultants also offer help in using tools for merchant underwriting and IPS AML compliance. The company supports its clients that are striving to get membership status in IPS and related partnerships.  

xpate fees

Merchants’ payment acceptance costs vary from 6 to 10%. Contact the company to find out how to connect to the system.



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