Cauri is a payment system that was registered in 2014 in the UK. The company is marketed as a service that uses powerful solutions to deliver benefits to its clients. The company employs reliable instruments to arrange receipt of payments for ecommerce companies. The payment processor embraces the most popular bank cards and e-wallets, integrating these payment methods to merchants’ businesses easily. 

The company is authorized in the EU, hence can help merchants reach the European market, or provide an additional alternative to EU consumers. When a user opens an account in the Cauri payment system, it is possible to transfer and receive funds linked to the bank cards of companies registered anywhere.  At the time of writing, the platform delivers the service to over 300 legal entities located in different countries. 

Why use Cauri

Merchants are free to select the Cauri widget or REST API to collect payments. Widget is recommended for companies without its own payment form. The merchants needn’t be technically-savvy to install the widget to the online store. Companies with their own payment form should select the REST API that is connected to the website with the assistance of a professional specialist. 

The platform pursues high security standards, offering an array of payment methods to its users that include Visa, Mastercard, etc. Merchants can start working and get payments within the shortest time frame. 

The company also offers additional assistance to companies registered in the EU and in other jurisdictions. The professional experts can help merchants to register, prepare the documents according to AML, GDPR requirements, etc.

Benefits of Cauri

  • It is possible to open a merchant account remotely.
  • Affordability of rates.
  • Embedded reporting functionality. 
  • Large selection of payment methods.
  • Instant international transfers.
  • High-speed processing.
  • Global coverage.
  • The account is safely protected with a contemporary two-factor authentication system. 
  • Sticking strictly, to international standards, the company monitors transfers to bank cards. 
  • The company employs flexible and smart routing that contributes to a better merchant conversion.
  • Cauri provides useful monitoring and analytical tools for efficient activity.

Cauri fees

The price policy is absolutely transparent. However, the team of the company is ready to consider individual circumstances. Merchants can contact the support team to negotiate on the subject. 

The price plan depends on the origin of cards used by merchants. There are plans for cards issued in the European Union and for cards issued outside the region. If the fee in the first case is 3% and approximately 0.1 EUR, GBP depending on the type of your business, merchants registered outside EU should pay 3.5% and 0.1 EUR, GBP. The rolling reserve is 10%.

Payout for companies from different jurisdictions costs 2.5% and 5 EUR, USD, GBP, and 2% to mobile phones. Merchants can find additional information on chargeback, refunds, and compensation on the official website of the company. 

How to connect to Cauri

Merchants must go through standard procedures to open an account with Cauri. They have to provide a standard package of documents: documents for AML/KYC identification and verification and a signed cooperation agreement.




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