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UniPay is a payment processing company based in Ukraine. Over 500 companies have already entered the ecosystem of the company to develop and grow their businesses. It includes small and middle-sized legal entities, so the service is provided to all types of companies. The platform offers smart and smooth performance, thus adding value to merchants working with it. 

UniPay platform

The checkout offered by this payment processor is the most convenient and easiest way to collect payments. Merchants can rely on this payment solution when their shoppers buy commodities or services online. 

The account is easily customized to split money between service vendors. The organization of the transaction flow is easy and depends on merchants’ preferences and the type of business. For instance, merchants can accept recurring payments, therefore, the facility is a good choice for service providers that employ monthly (or yearly) payment schemes. It is also possible to set some other time interval, depending on the plans of a merchant. The functionality also allows generating invoices to be used for later payment via web or mobile URL.  

The team developed the detailed reporting feature for easier accounting and reconciliation. It is possible to export data from the system for further use and analysis. Using a convenient dashboard, merchants learn to understand their customers’ buying patterns. The system also helps to detect fraud without effort. 

UniPay fees

The platform practices transparency in its pricing policy. The fee for the transaction is 2.5%. It refers, primarily, to domestic transactions via MasterCard and VISA. When an AMEX card is used for payments, the fee is 4.5%. In the case international card processing is required, the fee is 3.9% per transaction when VISA or MasterCard is used. When merchants start selling with UniPay, they don’t have to place a deposit with the account. There is also no requirement for minimum transaction fees. Working with the system, you can be sure that there are no hidden fees with the service. 

It is possible to claim withdrawal of funds at any time. The platform enables manual or automatic payouts from the merchant’s account. You can manage your funds at any time during business hours. There is also no withdrawal commission. The balance can be stored and processed without limits. The company also doesn’t charge a fee for integration, so it is absolutely free to connect to the system without the integration fee. There are no monthly fees, either. 

Benefits of the system

  • Merchants have the opportunity to configure the checkout solution;
  • Numerous payment options to the choice of customers;
  • Fast integration of payment options into the checkout ecosystem;
  • It is possible to use the detailed reporting functionality;
  • The platform offers proprietary ready-made plugins for easy integration.

How to connect to UniPay

The connection of businesses to the system is implemented fast. Merchants can easily use the plugins developed by the members of the team with their online stores. It is possible to integrate the solution with the most popular platform and shopping carts. There are plugins for such solutions as Shopify, WooCommerce, WIX, Unishop. etc. It is not necessary to know coding for some options. The platform guarantees smooth performance on any device from the moment of integration. 


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