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Tranzzo is an international processing service that offers payment solutions for merchants. The company headquartered in Kyiv also has branches in the European and CIS countries. Merchants can raise their businesses to a higher level with the assistance of Tranzzo that works in over 10 countries. The focus is made on hassle-free and easy processing with maximum security.  Employing the most advanced technologies, highly qualified members of the team deliver service for companies in different spheres such as SAAS, mobile, iGaming, and so on. The staff includes more than 50 professional experts in the financial industry who specialize in payments banking processing and e-commerce.

Benefits of using Tranzzo

The system meets the demands of numerous companies thanks to its extensive geography that includes the CIS region, Asia, and Europe. The customer base exceeds 3000 merchants. Tranzoo supports 32 currencies.

Merchants can take advantage of one-click payments that allow them to retain regular customers and increase their customer base. The clients don’t have to re-enter the number of the card each time when paying. It alleviates the process of buying, and makes it more pleasant. As a result, the reduction of cart abandonment rate follows.

The use of rapidly executing transactions, available at Tranzzo makes the system perfect for several industries where this feature is a must such as forex and cryptocurrency market with a high degree of fluctuations.

It is also possible to connect the system for payments in popular messengers. Tanzzo supports ApplePay, GooglePay, TelegramPay, MasterPass, and VisaCheckout. Tranzzo handles online payments from all over the world.

A three-level antifraud system protects from fraudulent activity. The business owners get a comprehensive set of tools for work with online banking payments.

Tranzzo offers different variants for integration. Merchants can connect their web stores via API or with help of CMS plugins installed on the website. Merchants don’t have to pay to connect to the system. There is also no regular subscription fee for using the service. Tranzzo charges a fee for transactions that may vary from 3 to 8% depending upon the plan chosen by merchants, selected payment methods, and the type of business. 

With the standard plan, merchants have to pay 2.7% per transaction. The fee can be lower with an individual plan. Individual plans are offered for businesses with a turnover of 50K EUR per month and merchants with a specific business model. A merchant gets an account with convenient functionality that includes reporting, monitoring, collection, storage and transfer of payment data, PCI DSS compliance, and 24/7 support.

Merchants can also pay for additional services that are offered by the company and are not included in the suite by default. For instance, a 3-level antifraud system will cost you 0.3 cents per transaction. If you need White Label PSP, then you need to connect this capability additionally (from 1000 EUR). The fee for this feature is 0.6 cents per transaction.

How to connect to the system

Those who want to get payments from other countries should contact the support team of the company. The email address is specified on the official website. Merchants can expand the geography of payments with the help of Tranzzo after they conclude the agreement.

The merchant should meet a range of requirements to connect to the payment system. The owners of webshops should have a website that functions correctly and available for visitors without signup. The goods shouldn’t be forbidden for sale by the law of the country of distribution. The company urges merchants to connect and promises that its specialists will care about the rest.

Not all merchants can connect to the Tranzzo system. There are prohibited categories of goods, services, and activities such as weapons, pornographic, sex products, narcotic substances, alcohol and tobacco, medicines, gambling, etc. A full list of goods and services can be found on the website.

It can take from several days to several weeks to connect to the system depending on the needs and type of your business. The moderation and compliance team may need some time to review your website and make sure that you have all the required documents.



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