Paytia is a company that came up with secure payment options for online users. It employs a virtual terminal to attain this goal. The facility urges customers to care well about their security when they buy something online. The platform markets itself as a next-gen facility that protects sensitive data of its clients with PCI compliance. The products it offers are inexpensive and incredibly simple. Besides, they effectively protect data from cybercriminals and pricey compliance failures.

The company was founded in 2016 to help businesses to alleviate compliance and payments. The team includes specialists with expertise, accumulated for decades, so the efficacy of the platform is explicable. The platform is unique in its way since there is no other Service Provider that delivers phone payment options, which are entirely self-service PCI-DSS compliant.

Why use the platform

According to the estimates of the system, the majority of businesses don’t employ security measures for the protection of their clients. As it turned out, not all virtual terminals are protected according to the industry’s standards. The share of such e-commerce companies reaches 90%, and it disrupts the whole industry since customers are mostly sure that they are protected when making online payments. Besides, online stores can be fined for insecure practices they deliver since they neglect their obligation to follow PCI DSS standards to provide security to their clients.

Paytia highlights

The facility presents a virtual terminal that belongs to one of the most protected payment options for users. The procedure is simple. Customers are protected since the system allows them to enter data by typing them on a phone keypad. They don’t have to read the data for security.

It is worth reminding that the terminal allows customers to pay and get real time authorization during the call with a customer. It works just the same way as a card reader or a virtual terminal. Companies should get a call from a client first, then capture the data, dial a phone number thus initiating the procedure of payment. The next step is tracking the bank card details with proof. It is possible to present a visual proof or live audio instead. In this way the payment is authorized, so you can finish your call.

Using Paytia, it is possible to employ payment links through email, chat, QR code, or messengers. Merchants can enable remote agents to accept such payments.

The platform is an ideal solution for merchants who want to stay protected using the latest security features. It is possible to protect remote workers with remote security controls that are typically used by the office. Fraud risk minimization helps to reduce fraud. For this, the company tries to take away the sensitive details of card holders from business networks and payment systems. The deployment of the payment system is possible regardless of the location of your staff. The system provided by Paytia helps to refuse from 96% of the load imposed by PCI compliance and replaced with the product developed for remote staff. It helps to strengthen customers’ trust and make user experience safer.

How to connect to the service

The deployment of the system is very fast. There is a video on the official website showing you how to do it. You should contact the specialist to discuss the terms. It is also possible to book a demo first to make sure that you need this solution.



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