EveryPay is an Estonia-based payment company that tries to be at the forefront of the digital payments industry, and develops state-of-the-art infrastructure to reach this goal. The company offers services to leading banks of Estonia and the Baltic States. For instance, its services are used by such well-known clients as LHV, SEB, and Swedbank.

Why choose EveryPay

 The facility is proud of its flexibility that helps to improve the service and introduce innovations to the constantly changing industry landscape. EveryPay partners can rely on the support of the facility, employing relevant instruments to manage ecommerce tasks. Simultaneously, merchants can use features provided by EveryPay without worrying about the scalability of their businesses. It can be equally a good solution for a small company and large enterprise. The platform is easily adjusted to the size of the business. This is an easy and universal solution for all customers, regardless of the company’s size and sphere. Customers feel comfortable to make payments through the system. The platform can provide high-quality service, processing one-time and recurring payments, since it supports tokenization and different billing scenarios that contribute to smooth performance. Storing credentials for one-click payments, the platform offers a seamless checkout experience to shoppers. 

The service is often preferred by merchants as it proved to be a fast, secure and easy to use gateway. It is also possible to protect transactions with the Fraud Defender Tool developed by the in-house team of the company. It embraces more than 40 fraud prevention rules for users. Besides, merchants can mitigate risks in case of fraudulent transactions through voiding and refunding a payment. The tool helps to reverse an authorized payment in the event it wasn’t captured and ensures that the transaction doesn’t go through a final settlement. Also, it employs a convenient refund option in case the funds should be returned to a cardholder. 

Benefits of EveryPay

  • This is a PCI DSS Level 1, so the platform offers the highest security standards to customers. 
  • Take advantage of the service provided by highly qualified specialists who acquired much expertise in payment processing operations. 
  • Merchants can always enjoy correct and highly efficient support service. Most requests are easily solved by the in-house team of the company. 
  • Numerous digital payment methods supported by the platform increase the sales volume.
  • Availability of one-click payments reduces the abandonment rate, which is a common problem for virtual cart purchases in online stores. 
  • The company offers a rich functionality including automated recurring payments for periodic purchases and no-click payments improving customer experience.
  • A subscription management module provided by EveryPay alleviates payments for companies selling their services on a regular basis. 
  • Using LinkPay, merchants can implement different use case scenarios. 
  • The company delivers frictionless integration via custom APIs. There are modules for Magento 2, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Opencart, and others. 

How to connect to the service

If you doubt that EveryPay is a suitable solution for you, you can book a demo account to try the service. There is a special button for it in a special section of the platform. The key contacts are provided on the merchants’ page of the company’s official website.

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