A subsidiary of DTAC and one of Thailand’s major payment service providers, Paysbuy is an online payment system for financial transactions. It was founded in 2004 as the first electronic wallet service in Thailand and then came under DTAC in 2008. Paysbuy always launches new products to consistently and continuously enhance user experience because the company strongly upholds user satisfaction and works towards it. 

Benefits of Paysbuy

Advanced Fraud Detection

Paysbuy’s fraud detection systems raise the bar for security. Businesses and individuals alike can rest easy knowing that their transactions are secure from fraud.

Multiple Currency Support

Cross-border transactions are becoming more common in a globalized world. Paysbuy understands this requirement and offers solid support for multiple currencies. This feature serves businesses looking to dip their feet in the international waters.

Seamless Mobile Integration

Paysbuy understands the importance of mobile accessibility. Paysbuy is super adaptable to devices and platforms, hence providing easy accessibility for users. As a result of this level of convenience, businesses benefit from increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Tailored Business Solutions

A variety of custom add-ons that help optimize financial operations are available to businesses. Paysbuy meets peculiar business requirements, whether it is integrating the Paysbuy payment gateway into your website or leveraging real-time reporting and analytics for business insights.

Checkout Process

Checkout is a walk in the park on Paysbuy. Merchants can convert more as buyers checkout before changing their minds on platforms that have Paysbuy integrated into them. This ensures revenue maximization and increases the probability of sales from every lead.

Comprehensive Bill Payments

Standing in line to pay bills is a thing of the past. Paysbuy offers a comprehensive bill payment service that allows users to pay utility bills, mobile phone bills, and other bills with just a few clicks.  goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and hello to convenience.

Hassle-Free Money Transfers

Individuals can use Paysbuy’s peer-to-peer transfer feature to send money quickly and easily. Paysbuy makes it simple, secure, and quick to send money to family or split bills with friends.

Mobile Top-Up Convenience

Staying connected is simple with Paysbuy’s mobile top-up service. Recharge your prepaid mobile phone or data plan in seconds, and you will always be a phone call or message away from your loved ones.

Digital Wallet for Easy Access

Paysbuy’s digital wallet empowers individuals by providing easy access to their funds. You can pay with a few taps on your mobile device while shopping online or dining at your favorite restaurant.

Secure Transactions with Peace of Mind

Online payments and security are inseparable as tight security measures should complement any worthwhile payment method. Users can conduct online transactions with complete confidence thanks to Paysbuy’s commitment to protecting personal and financial information.

Paysbuy has consistently delivered excellently and users are rest assured of easy integration and a smooth usage of the platform.


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