PAYNET is the leading payment provider of electronic payments in Azerbaijan. It has a universal set of payment methods for accepting cash and non-cash payments. 

The development of PAYNET was started in 2010 by MAX SYSTEMS™ company. MAX SYSTEMS™ originated in 2004, and specializes in a wide range of fields such as IT infrastructure, integration systems, and non-cash payments. Now, PAYNET is used by a large number of Azerbaijani and international companies. The company works with major service providers and connects users with multiple services.

There are many online payment terminal networks of PAYNET. One of them is ExpressPay Pay which enables payment for services globally on a 24-hour basis. Another one is E-PUL, the first and only payment system in Azerbaijan as of now. E-PUL has Android and iOS mobile applications, and an option of online card-to-card money transfers. The other networks of the company are Portmanat, Hesab.az, and Gamebuy.az. PAYNET is also a service where users can pay for games, social networks, software, and mobile operators’ services. 

PAYNET offers convenient and popular electronic money management services – Webmoney, QIWI, and Yandex-Money. The client is able to put funds into both cash and by card. The company has its own e-commerce solution for commercial web platforms with over 10,000 payment points to accept payments. To access them, the client needs to sign a contract with PAYNET.

Benefits of using PAYNET

PAYNET is a service that operates in real-time. The processing of a transaction takes PAYNET less than 10 seconds and with a minimal chance of error. The company organizes the receipt of payments, providing simple connections, and clear agreements. PAYNET accepts funds via payment terminals, Internet banking, and online payment portals. All PAYNET’s payment methods are available through one integration.

For payment systems, PAYNET offers single gateway providers. Through one connection, the customer will be able to expand the geography of payments by accepting payments worldwide, and making payments to different service providers around the world.

PAYNET works with the largest online payment portal in Azerbaijan and guarantees full security for all types of payments. The company puts a lot of effort into ensuring the safety of transactions. As part of improving the quality of service, new security measures are applied.

PAYNET protects personal data from being unauthorizedly or accidentally accessed, destroyed, modified, blocked, copied, and distributed. The company applies the confidentiality regime and control over the data observance and uses other additional protection measures. The technical support specialists at PAYNET ensure the continuity of business processes and are ready to give advice and emergency technical support.

How to connect to the system

PAYNET offers services and products to clients who have a network of payment terminals, a website for accepting payments, or an e-wallet. The client needs to connect to PAYNET through a simple connection by API, and your users will be able to use the services of the company. A single PAYNET contract will allow the client to use all Azerbaijan payment methods.

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