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Paydock is an aggregator or platform for ecommerce orchestration that helps to reduce the cost of merchants’ payments. It was initially designed with this goal in mind. It refers to technical expenditures, primarily, and then follows compliance along with administrative expenses. Also it tried to enhance the customers’ experience with supportive tools that help to get rid of inefficient practices in work. It contributed to higher revenues of business owners that increased considerably.

Paydock highlights

There is a unified dashboard to connect PSPs to. It is important to emphasize that this is a PCI DSS compliant system for businesses who can unite different services within one facility for their further management with more efficiency. It can include, for instance, Customers and Donors, Staff, PSPs, Subscriptions, and more.

It is possible to improve the efficiency of accounting, while marketing tools are used to streamline transactional data in real time and provide it to third party endpoints.

The platform delivers harmonized checkout workflows. It is free to onboard new payment services and optimize those included to the list. There are diverse integration options delivered by the platforms to help you to make sure that the PCI scope is managed properly. The features of the system include Restful API, drop-in widget, Javascript.

The interface is clean and user-friendly. You can manage your payment stack with ease thanks to unification of all your services, customers, and transactional data within a single system. The platform’s users can also add their services for management and auditing of the users of your organization. This instrument helps you to track the activity within your payments ecosystem.

The team of the platform also developed a sophisticated RestFUL API for seamless integration of other services. The paydock experience can be extended to your CRM or accounting to improve them, or to some other third party tools.

Paydock features

The platform provides unlimited connections that can be plugged to your ecosystem via a single API. Users can connect as many payment services as they want such as payment gateways, fraud and identity tools, alternative payment options, etc. It usually takes several seconds to connect to a new service provider.

The company partners with over fifty global processing platforms, which are added to the own technology stack of the company, along with more than 100 connections of its partners that continue to grow. Using them, you can expand your geography and enlarge your consumer base. The platform allows you to decrease your expenditures spent on software development, thus increasing your bottom line.

The company presents a smart routing engine that works on drag and drop principle. It allows the creation of configurable routes, employing a smart algorithm. It also helps to save resources. It is possible to optimize routes on an automated basis in accordance with currency, network, location, etc to attain the cost of transactions you need.

The token vault is PCI DSS level 1 compliant, so users can control their customers’ data. Since the credit card details are not locked up and tokens are used for security, it is always possible to route payments to any payment provider when you need without loss of data. It returns a secure token, which can be routed effectively without the exposure of sensitive data.

The platform employs an autonomous recurring payments engine that allows to simplify subscriptions for your customers, so there is no necessity of passing through the checkout process when they make purchases.

How to join the platform

Any merchant can join the system that serves some of the largest brands of the world. It is needed to fill out the form and get in touch with the team for this.



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