Humm offers a retail installment payment plan service. Put simply, it serves as a convenient alternative to making payments using cash or credit cards for products from our partner merchants. With Humm, customers can distribute the cost of their purchases across various partner outlets. Over 2.7 million patrons across Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada trust Hummgroup’s progressive and user-friendly consumer finance options for both their desires and necessities.

The dedicated Humm module for Magento simplifies the addition of Humm as a payment alternative within your online store. This module is designed to cater to the markets of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Integration within the Magento Admin console ensures Humm’s settings are fully customizable, granting merchants ease of configuration and management. The only prerequisites for merchants are an SSL-secured website and an established agreement with Humm.

Benefits of the Platform

Offering payment plans up to $30,000, Humm distinguishes itself by catering to both low and high-value purchases. While Humm appeals to the younger demographic typically associated with BNPL adoption, it uniquely positions itself to support merchants targeting the 35-50 age bracket, a group often overlooked by other BNPL solutions.

Humm’s payment plans are characterized by their flexibility. Not only can customers choose their preferred repayment day, but based on the purchase amount, they can opt for 5 to 10 fortnightly installments or spread their payments across 6 to 60 months.

Main Advantages:

Boost Average Order Value: With Humm, avail flexible payment options for a broad range of purchases, ranging from $1 to a whopping $30,000.

Enhance Conversion: Humm offers adaptive payment plans to its users. For orders up to $2000, buyers can divide the payment into 5 or 10 segments. For those above $2000, the repayment span can stretch from 6 to 60 months.

Cost-effective: When compared to top players in the industry, Humm’s pricing is highly competitive.

Attract New Customers: With a stronghold of 2.7 million customers across Australia and New Zealand, Humm draws a vast audience to their marketplace, channeling potential new clients to merchants.

Key Features

  • Provision for full or partial refunds
  • Multi-currency support
  • Option to set a minimum order value
  • Engaging users via product page widgets and static banners for upstream messaging.

Account & Fee Structure

Before integrating the Humm module, merchants need to establish an independent account with Humm. For those curious about registration or seeking information on Humm’s pricing model, feel free to reach out to us here. Please note that additional charges will be incurred by merchants when using Humm.

Feature Highlights

  • Availability spans markets in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
  • Comprehensive order management functionalities, inclusive of payment capture and order cancellations.
  • Allows configurable settings for personalized checkout text.
  • Adheres to Magento’s core functionalities, designed in line with Magento’s module guidelines and suggestions.
  • Harmonizes with standard Magento configurations, including aspects like shipping, VAT, invoicing, and product pricing.

Kickstarting with Humm

Before integrating Humm into your online storefront, ensure your store aligns with these prerequisites:

  • Your business should be registered either in New Zealand or Australia.
  • Transactions in your store should be processed in NZD or AUD.

For those who aren’t already affiliated with Humm, please register using the respective links:

  • For Australian Merchants
  • For New Zealand Merchants

For a comprehensive guide on the setup process and its array of features, please refer to the “Connecting with Humm” section in our Help Center.

Leverage Humm’s robust BNPL solution to provide enhanced checkout flexibility for your clientele in Australia and New Zealand.


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