PayAdmit is a payment gateway that markets itself as a trustworthy partner for payments processing. Trying to make transactions speedy and secure, it works hard to make the process as effortless as possible. The facility focuses on reliability and the quality of services to attract and retain merchants. It applies a powerful suite of payment tools along with the services for the consolidation of transaction data and enhancement of business flow.

The company is also a white-label payment provider that uses advanced technologies for frictionless processes. The team of the platform includes highly-qualified specialists with the experience from 10 years in the field.

PayAdmit Highlights

The platform offers services with the focus on technology. It is the most efficient in selling digital products. The gateway is adjusted to work with this category of commodities. It introduced all necessary instruments for the perfect organization of the process. It primarily targets development companies or software distributors, which sell the software online.

Much attention is paid to security to earn customers’ trust. The facility can boast its anti-fraud system to prevent the most serious problems, encountered by numerous companies, when selling online. The system it uses helps to reduce such risks to a minimum and provide protection for its users.

It is possible to benefit from middleware developed by the company. It can be easily integrated into your payment system. The procedure is fast and effortless. It is also possible to select the style of the payment button, installed to your online store. Customize it to your taste in accordance with the design of your resource. Merchants should get in touch with the platform’s developers to implement it.

The system is a good option in case you sell subscriptions and look for the trustworthy recurring billing option. PayAdmit offers recurring payments to merchants. The service provides secure and fast settlement, convenient payment routing and digital invoicing. The system is preferred by many enterprises since it enables cryptocurrency payments. Merchants can enlarge their customer base, adding a special button to allow its customers to pay with cryptocurrency.

The system features convenient infrastructure, so businesses can increase their revenues working in a personal cabinet with intuitive functionality. The service provider promises full autonomy from third parties to its clients. There is everything they need to manage their transactions. Companies can control the situation, using the visibility of payments in the system and changes, available to users in real time. The flexibility is attained with smooth cascading and dynamic transaction routing required for your business.

If issues arise, they are solved quickly. The company offers round-the-clock support with responsive members of the team who are always ready to clarify unclear points for merchants. At this, they apply an individual approach to business owners. The system is easily adapted to the business flow of any enterprise. As for the route, the payments are split on an automated basis and sent to vendors.

PayAdmit payment options

The platform delivers processing of bank cards. It offers a variety of payment methods from Flexepin to Trust Payments. Additionally, merchants can use payment links sent to customers via social media, SMS, email, chatbot, or messenger to be paid by shoppers without delay. The team came up with a one-click payment processor that allows accepting BTC payments.

How to connect to the service

Merchants should apply to the team to connect to the system. They can do it by phone or through an online form on the official website of the company. The system offers to try the demo version first to explore all features of the platform and see if it’s a suitable option for you.


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