Oschadbank is a Kyiv-based universal financial institution that belongs to the largest banks of Ukraine. The bank was established by the government of the country in 1999. The bank distributes social aid, pensions, processes utility payments, serves companies, and performs banking transactions. The deposits of clients are fully protected by the state’s laws in case of the bank’s liquidation. 

The bank works to empower Ukrainian startups and large companies of the country. The facility helps millions of Ukrainians to solve financial problems and plan their future. The bank presents a wide network of offices that are easily reached throughout the country. At the time of writing, the bank has 5000 offices, but it continues to expand the network further. Besides, it has 2574 ATM machines and 2504 terminals all over the country. Over 35,000 people work in the bank.

Oschadbank milestones

In 2011, the bank started operating its own CRM system, improving the functionality of different modules. In 2016, the bank concluded a strategic partnership with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). It became the first phase of reforms in the Ukrainian state-owned banking sector. In particular, EBRD supported programs of technical help to the facilities of the institution. 

In 2019, the management of the bank had to undergo an independent assessment of competencies according to international standards. It referred to the Supervisory Board of the bank and three government representatives that joined the staff. 

In July, 2022, the bank started delivering the government program “yeRobota” and provided microgrants to launch a new company or develop an existing business. 

There is an Oschad mobile application that works 24/7. The app offers many services available in the desktop version, so customers can conveniently use it when they are on the move.

The benefits of the bank’s system

Oschadbank presents innovations to its clients that simplify their life considerably. Offering services to users, the bank offers reliability, first of all. Also, it tries to remain open and clear for all users. The bank is an essential part of the banking sector in the country that contributes to its economy. 

The bank implemented XRM banking and derived many benefits from it. 

  • Automated logistics processes and easier maintenance of ATMs and POS terminals;
  • Automated remote work procedures with borrowers helped to avoid cases of overdue debts;
  • Monitoring of auto loan procedures was introduced;
  • An analytical module on performance indicators for management was added;
  • A unified data repository that includes customer data, consolidated from various sources and contained in one interface;
  • A module of preferable system transfer included in the functionality allows making a transfer to any location globally. 

Merchants usually highly assess such features as automated system of settlements, integration with the call center that makes the work of operators easier. Since clients are identified during incoming calls, the differentiated service is offered to them. Operators see their active banking products and priorities and can offer high-quality service.  

The bank offers different packages and rates for companies, entrepreneurs, and state organizations. The packages are offered on the official website of the bank, so the company can select the best package to suit the needs of clients. When bank transfers are made, the fee is 5 UAH + 1%. 

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