OroPay is marketed as the platform designed to combine DeFi (decentralized finance) and traditional financial models. The facility is a part of the system that includes NFT marketplace, AMM DEX platform, and a token swap interface, and other products making the ecosystem versatile. OroPay uses an automated market-maker protocol that fuels its decentralized exchange. It is also worth mentioning smart yield farming, and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) released by the company.

The basis of the system is a blockchain-based ledger, which is always expanding. The matter is that all transactions are recorded permanently in an immutable, chronological way, thus preserving the security of the platform. The data is securely distributed and becomes the backbone of a new type of system.

The main values of the company are transparency, security and user friendliness. Developers paid much attention to these things when they worked over the ecosystem since the community presents the largest driving force for the platform’s further development, in their opinion. 

OroPay highlights

Along with the products mentioned above, the team of the platform released the native token supporting the system and cross-chain aggregation protocol. The main mission of the platform is to make trading easier. It also refers to NFT since the team of the company came up with the service of NFT creation and trading. It was designed to demonstrate the ease of the procedure. The platform also tries to provide effective swapping of DeFi tokens. 

OroPay uses breakthrough features moving the industry forward and bringing revolutionary changes to it. The platform employs an innovative AI technology to explore the market and make trading decisions with regards to the real-time market situation. According to the script used by the company, the program was created to determine conditions optimal for trading and derive most benefits taking this into account. AI tools are safe and transparent. They help users to redefine trading methods and make management of assets wiser.

The team developed a hybrid intelligence trading model based on the principles of the high frequency trading with the activation of technical indicators for the analysis of the patterns and trends and further execution of trades. 

Using AI, customers can review and make important decisions considering past and real-time data. The reviews performed by AI help the system to take correct trading decisions automatically. At this, much attention is paid to simplicity and transparency to meet the demands of users. The accent on simplicity was made to create a holistic approach to artificial intelligence reviews. In the opinion of the team, it is more effective to have one solution combining diverse parameters in its survey instead of using numerous instruments and then matching them up to define a strategy. 

Trading with OCO (One Cancels Other) is a unique feature that is used by OroPay. It became one of the first facilities of this kind that introduced this option. Customers can use the OCO mode for trading. The platform delivers robust functionality along with simultaneous use of such features as a stop loss and take profit.  The OroPay app was created by professional specialists with huge experience in the sphere. Their knowledge along with AI algorithms and machine learning demonstrate perfect results. 

As a result, users can enjoy smarter investment decisions thanks to robotized advisors available on the platform. The platform is one of the first facilities looking into the future and implementing solutions that are going to become common everywhere soon. Trying to move ahead of its business rivals, OroPay made it a cutting edge feature of the company. 

How to join the platform

Users should pass the registration procedure to join the community and use the functionality of the platform.


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