OpenPay is the latest innovation from Symmetric Group SH.p.k., a dynamic player in digital payments and IT solutions, founded in 2010. With a proven track record in leading impactful digital transformation initiatives, Symmetric has partnered with Albanian investors to co-establish the National Payment Scheme, Third Party Payment Card Processor, and National Payment Clearing Center in 2013.

Symmetric has also been actively involved in several digital transformation projects, such as Digital Banking for Raiffeisen Bank. Its new product, OpenPay is based on the company’s knowledge regarding digital payments and is fully compliant with open banking standards. This is why OpenPay has become a preferred payment option for consumers and merchants. 

The company works on expanding its user-friendly services across the European region, starting from Albania. Today, OpenPay supports retail, transportation, food and beverage and similar industries. 

Merchants in the retail industry enjoy optimized costs with digital payments, similar to taxi companies. Hotels, bars, and food companies will have reduced fees and those that offer personal services will love simple and fast transactions. Ecommerce stores will facilitate secure online payments with OpenPay.

About OpenPay

OpenPay platform brings a simple yet robust payment solution. Businesses can improve their in-store payment experience with the free OpenPay Merchant Mobile app for Android and iOS. With it, users can forget about cash or cards. They can pay effortlessly with just their device, with a QR code that appears within seconds.

OpenPay allows you to integrate your POS systems with ease. With it, the customer’s payment will instantly show on your bank account, as transactions occur in real-time. Combined with the Merchant mobile application, OpenPay helps eCommerce stores and other businesses facilitate ultra-fast payments at any moment.

Finally, organizations can connect their online stores and start accepting payments with OpenPay’s maximum security platform. There’s no need for customers to leave any personal information. Instead, they just scan the QR code and pay effortlessly and quickly.

How to Get Started

If you wish to incorporate OpenPay into your business, you can get in touch with the team via the Contact Us button on the Home page. You’ll have the option to fill out a form or get in touch via email, phone, and a letter. 

To register, head over to the Account section, where you’ll see the option to start your account. The form will be in Albanian, but you can switch it to English. Then, you should fill in the basic information about you, your company, your industry, and your company activity. After you make an account, you can log in via the same page.

Once you register as a merchant you can integrate this payment system via QR code on mobile, POS, or eCommerce websites. 


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