Airwallex is a top financial force offering businesses a suite of options, mainly payment APIs. Used by 100,000 + companies worldwide, Airwallex is no stranger to the world of global payments. The reason for this astounding popularity isn’t far-fetched as it enables both local and international payment via its core features. These core features include; Business account, Core API, and Embedded finance.

Airwallex adds many other pertinent features to elevate its customer experience and mitigate global payment problems. 

Australia birthed Airwallex in 2015, but it now runs its operations from Singapore. Singapore is generally a more regulatory-friendly climate for tech companies. Airwallex is Australia’s third tech unicorn with a valuation reaching $5.5 billion in 2021 and it continues to thrive today.

Benefits of Airwallex

Below is a roundup of the amazing perks that come with choosing Airwallex. An eclectic range of excellent services, simplicity and security are but a few to mention. 

It is simple to use

Airwallex is a no-code platform which implies the exclusion of coding requirements to use the Airwallex payment app. Airwallex has an API for platforms, inferring some low-code requirements to achieve full integration into other platforms. The documentation is made available on the official website.

It is super fast

70% + of the transactions that happen on Airwallex are fulfilled within the same day, for others, the transactions arrive typically within 3-5 business days. The length of delivery differs within the stipulated period based on the location of the recipient of the transfer. 

It is highly economical

Airwallex stands out particularly for its low rates as it cuts out FX conversion fees which are usually backbreaking. Its business feature for example eliminates all forms of hidden fees even for foreign transactions. Airwallex also helps to reduce unplanned spending risk by featuring spend limit options for its company and employee cards issued out to their employees. This allows it to keep tabs on what the company spends on one dashboard.

Airwallex is very secure

Airwallex has all its security well catered to with over 50 licenses, SOC, PSD2, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance boxes all ticked. It further uses zero-trust architectural models, ensuring your data is safeguarded. And finally, it is in compliance with local regulations of the jurisdictions in which it operates. 

It features a vast range of payment services

The most sophisticated on this list would be its embedded finance offering which is like a white label payment solution. The only thing companies need to do is to design and brand payment infrastructures already created by Airwallex with this service. 

Airwallex also has a service selection under its business account section to allow businesses to streamline and keep tabs on their spending activities all on one dashboard. Lastly, it features APIs that allow people to manage payouts, card issuance, etc, globally through developer tools. 

How to Connect

Getting on board on Airwallex is simple and straightforward. To avail of the payment services on Airwallex, follow these steps;

  • Head over to the official website (airwallex.com)
  • Click on ‘Get started’
  • Enter your name
  • Input the name of your business
  • Choose the country where your business is registered
  • Enter your phone number
  • Agree to the terms and conditions

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