To enable remote payments and purchases, Payway was developed as a secure payment gateway. It was built 35 + years ago and acquired in 2011. Until 2017, it was known as Edgil Associates before changing to Payway. Based in Massachusetts, It’s designed to cater to industries with recurring payment needs. 

Benefits of Choosing Payway Payment Processing 

Payway caters to the particular requirements of companies that depend on regular payments. Its sophisticated subscription payment gateway is made to meet the needs of businesses operating on a payment renewal business model. Here are the benefits in more details;


Payway enables you to quickly discover and cut expenditures without dealing with hidden fees or charges. With Payway, you can rest assured you’re not sacrificing unplanned extra fees. 

Recurring payment Features

Payway minimizes bounced transactions which saves you time and helps you to avoid delays. You can project your monthly revenue and make effective plans knowing fully well that your subscribers require little effort to renew their subscriptions. Customers’ expectations regarding ease and automation are high and Payway ensures businesses can cater to this need via a solid payment subscription gateway. Payway is also compatible with Apple and Google Pay wallets.

Tight Security Measures

Data security for customers is crucial. Modern tokenization and cutting-edge vault technologies are used by Payway. They’re PCI-DSS compliant. Tokenization makes clients’ card data almost unhackable by replacing primary account number (PAN) data with distinctive tokens. These tokens are safely kept in Payway’s data vault, which is hosted in accordance with strict PCI specifications.


Payway’s intelligent reporting feature includes data filters that can be adjusted to your needs, and give you important information that will help you make wise decisions.

Smooth Implementation

Payway is easy to get started with for both people. The process is as easy as it can be for both the merchants and the end users. Full information on integration is duly represented on their website

Personalised Service

Forget complicated call centres and cumbersome processes. Payway agents are always there to hold you by the hand and guide you through. With access to names and direct phone numbers of company staff, they have been able to put a human touch to their customer service.

Interchange Optimisation

To guarantee the lowest rate for each transaction, Payway uses Automated Level III processing, address verification, and other parameters to guarantee the lowest cost on every transaction. 

Advanced Features

To improve your ability to handle payments, explore advanced features, like tokenization and vault technology, Automated Level III Processing, and 3D Secure for eCommerce.

How to Begin Using Payway

To integrate Paway into your platform, the first step is to contact the Payway sales service. You may also refer to Payway’s blogspot  “Applying for a Merchant Account: What to Expect,” for an example of necessary documents.

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