Users usually need help with credit cards regarding the annual or transactional fees. OneCard is the solution for your credit hassles if you’re also on the list. OneCard, as described by the website and the users, is a new-generation credit card equipped with full-stack technology and has a robust backup of simplicity principles, providing complete control and transparency to the users. 

It is a metal card provided by FPL Technologies. It is launched in partnership with multiple providers like Federal Bank, SBM Bank, BOI Financial, CSB Bank and South Indian Bank, offering the best benefits, especially to the millennials and young adults. Below is the list of services provided by OneCard for clarity- 

  • OneCard issues a metal card, which can be used for Indian offline and online payments and international online payments. 
  • With OneCard, users also have the option to withdraw the remaining cash balance through ATMs with partnered Indian and International banks. 
  • OneCard also allows transferring the fund balance from another credit card to OneCard, which helps save interest costs. 
  • With OneCard, users can split their purchase or pending amount into instalments, which will help them pay the amount over the pre-decided period. 

Regarding safety concerns, OneCard is ranked as the most secure and safest credit card, as they have incorporated multiple safety measures to protect transactions, account details, fraud detection, encryption, anti-money-laundering and other measures. It is also PCI-DSS certified, ensuring the highest safety standard for credit cards. The card was launched for user benefits in 2021, and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India, and offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. There are over 1 million OneCard holders, and the website is available in English and Hindi. 

Features of OneCard 

  • All the OneCard users get the benefits of 5X rewards when they complete their two top spend categories monthly, and these rewards can be redeemed for travel, vouchers and several other options. 
  • OneCard does not charge any additional annual fee for their transactions. 
  • Users can easily apply for OneCard online and get it instantly without any delays. 
  • Since it is a metal card, longevity and durability are ensured. 
  • Travel insurance, purchase protection and other additional benefits are also ensured with OneCard. 
  • With OneCard, users can instantly redeem rewards without needing lengthy statements, third-party apps or bills. 
  • All the reward points at OneCard do not have any expiration date. 

How to get OneCard?  

After getting complete details and clarity about OneCard, let’s now get into the details of how to get the same. Scroll down to the pointers below to know more – 

  • Visit the mobile app or the website, and click on the visible Apply Now button. 
  • Once done, you will be asked to enter your financial and personal details, PAN card and Adhaar card copy for verification. 
  • When done, you can check the entered details and submit the form. 

However, there is an eligibility criteria to get the card, which is- 

  • The user must be an Indian resident. 
  • The user must be 18 years old. 
  • The user must have an active and valid Aadhaar and PAN card. 
  • The user’s monthly income needs to be a minimum of INR 25000. 

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