Kuapay is a payment platform that tries to establish good connections with various payment companies across the world. The company headquartered in Bulgaria tries to inform its clients, providing a comprehensive picture of the international payment processing environment. It surveys fees and terms of various service providers that belong to different industries. Companies of the highest risk are also included. The platform delivers help on the development of the right strategies to survive and attain success in the market. 

Kuapay highlights

The company urges to expand the number of payment methods for customers who can pay with bank cards with zero risks involved. The fast application process allows applicants to join the system quickly. Along with card processing for high-risk industries, the company also offers a cryptocurrency gateway. 

Besides, the Kuapay team has developed a secure mobile solution incorporating rewards, loyalty cards, and coupons. The team regularly releases the updated versions of the product including best features in the industry, thus caring for its consumers. The members of the system can always get the most cutting-edge technologies and products in the sphere. The focus is made on enhanced consumers’ products. For instance, customers don’t fear making purchases since there is no need to worry about the exposure of sensitive information. 

The Kuapay solution is often preferred for economic reasons too. It helps users to save money. The integration of automatic discounts makes the system popular among users. It is one of the platforms that tries to introduce mass adoption of purchases with mobile devices. It tries to streamline such transactions, so merchants can take advantage of this policy. 

Besides, the company delivers services adding value to its offer, for instance, BNRA (National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria) cryptocurrency authorization that is provided by the company within one month.  The platform even offers ready-made legal entities with crypto authorization. Bulgaria is a good solution for crypto authorization since it boasts the lowest taxes (for example, corporate and personal income tax, which is 10%). Dividend tax is 5%, while VAT is 20%. VAT is not taken when cryptocurrencies are traded. The requirements are not that strict. Large share capital is not required. The same is referred to a dedicated AML officer. 

The company can also look after the dedicated IBAN account in the name of your company. It means that the following benefits are available for you: SWIFT and SEPA transfers, lack of max and minimal limits on deposits. Also, the facility features cryptocurrency friendliness, capable of using multi-currency transactions and fast global transfers. There are e-banking tools at the disposal of users that can be also used in mobile apps of the platform. The platform issues prepaid and virtual cards for the convenience of users. 

The company provides the reference letter, and the possibility to work with 15 correspondent banks. Since it has E-money and banking licenses, it can easily conduct a full range of activities with these documents. Using them, it’s not a big deal to launch a business within a week. 

KuaPay benefits

The advantages of the system include:

  • Real time processing;
  • 24/7 support of operations;
  • Full security with KYC and AML authorization;
  • Affordable fees. 

How to contact the team

You can fill out the form specifying the details of you and your company and submit your application for further consideration. The company offers round-the-clock operations support so you can always rely on the customer team if something goes wrong in the system. 


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