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Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB) is the only Japanese international payment brand known today, established in 1961. At the same time, JCB has slowly grown to become a pioneer in the Japanese payment industry.

At the heart of JCB’s offerings lies the unparalleled advantage of universal acceptance – its cards transcend geographical boundaries. The company is strongly present in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region – Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan, as well as 19 other territories, including EMEA markets like Germany, Austria, and Spain.

As per JCB’s latest insights, additional countries are poised to join this thriving network. Remarkably, more than a quarter of all Japanese transactions now flow through JCB, showcasing the pivotal role it plays in penetrating the Japanese and global eCommerce arena.

For eCommerce enterprises targeting the dynamic Japanese market, integrating JCB as a payment option is not just an advantage; it’s a strategic necessity. Comparable to globally recognized credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa, JCB cards have become synonymous with convenience and reliability online.

However, JCB Payment Service Providers and Merchant Acquirers still have some limitations compared to the industry giants – MasterCard and Visa, but JCB is known to bridge gaps and propel businesses toward success.

JCB Features and Tools for Consumers and Merchants

Introducing our latest offerings tailored exclusively for JCB customers – a gateway to a world of consumer delight. Consumers can now explore a plethora of enticing promotions, discounts, and specialized deals.

JCB’s offers for consumers include features related to travel and promotions. From exquisite dining establishments to exhilarating entertainment, and from soothing spa retreats to invigorating rounds of golf – there’s a selection of meticulously assembled benefits.

There’s also the convenience of the complimentary telephone reservation service, designed to secure a customer’s spot at esteemed JCB-affiliated restaurants and luxurious spas. 

JCB’s Prestigious Car Rental Services help consumers embark on travel expeditions with unparalleled privileges when they engage with Hertz Rent-a-Car in designated countries and regions as valued JCB members.

When it comes to businesses, JCB supports card issuers with high-quality marketability and security. The company offers a proprietary card lineup of Credit, Debit, and Prepaid card options that provide unique brand values.

JCB is also focused on robust security measures, especially because of the increased speed of transactions. The J/Secure™ authentication program is introduced as a measure to protect the user’s identity during online shopping. Then there’s J/Smart™, an EMV-compliant chip card application for card issuers.

Additionally, the JCB Contactless payment method offers simple, secure, and quick payments for both cards and wearable devices with a registered JCB card. QUICPay™ is yet another feature, with even faster, signature-free payment, designed specifically for the Japanese market.

Merchant Requirements To Get Started

If you’re a merchant and wish to get started with the Japanese Credit Bureau, you’ll have to fulfill certain standards. For example, JCB doesn’t accept merchants in the gambling or lottery industries. You are also not allowed to offer any form of pornographic or sexual chat services or engage in illegal activities in the country of card members. Using SSL and proper firewalls is also a must.

Head over to the official website, then the Contact page to find options to contact JCB and get started with the company’s service as fast as possible.

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