GWP or Gateway Protocol is the platform that offers numerous tools for payment, which are chosen depending on an environment where it is used. For instance, there are tools developed for API, Gateway, or SDK. These are powerful instruments that allow developers to control payments in accordance with the expert’s proficiency. 

GWP architecture

GWP layered architecture includes the wallet service interface, payment service interface, and settlement service interface. Each product includes numerous layers interacting between each other. The platform ensures connecting links between the blockchain’s system elements to have safe crypto payments as merchants. The hierarchy of the architecture was devised to realize it. There is a payment ledger and a smart contract that is contained in the blockchain layer.. 

GWP platform

The main concept of the service is to give merchants the capability to use fiat money or make cryptocurrency payments within the same service regardless of the settlement system chosen by them. The system also focuses on transaction transparency as it records data and can deliver it along with statistics when needed. The system allows checking of transaction details and significant information. 

The implementation of the cryptocurrency payment interface performed by GWP is not technically inferior to the ones created for fiat payments. It doesn’t lag behind traditional payment infrastructure, thus adopting the extensive user experience.

The system supports different easy payment methods including Barcode payment, QR code payment, using the Machine Presented Mode (MPM) and Customer Presented Mode (CPM). It reduces infrastructure demand for merchants. For instance, it is not required to have POS at their disposal. It also ensures a simple transition to GWP service. 

Benefits of the GWP service

  • The team has developed a smart API for crypto payments.
  • It is possible to use prepaid cards and spend crypto assets connected to them.
  • A convenient payment module for ecommerce.
  • The service connected the traditional financial sector with the cryptocurrency world. 
  • An extensive network and environment enables real-time payments.
  • Geographical adaptation gives the possibility to use convenient payment methods.
  • The platform sticks to AML policy protecting its users.
  • The simplicity of UX.
  • Developers used standard interfaces for clarity.
  • Full support of the technical team.
  • Excellent visualization of interfaces.
  • Lower payment fees.
  • Control of specific functions such as fraud prevention. 

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