GrabPay is a digital wallet that can be used for a variety of financial transactions online. It is a subsidiary of Grab Holding Inc., a mobile technology company in Singapore. Grab was first launched in Malaysia in 2012 then moved to Singapore in 2014, after which GrabPay was introduced in 2018 to make payments for Grab services easier. 

GrabPay is one of the largest and most accepted consumer internet and payment platforms in Southeast Asia. Although only usable in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, GrabPay is working on creating international access.

It is licensed and monitored by the Central Bank of the Philippines for security purposes and to ensure all users have legitimate documentation.

Benefits of Using Grabpay 

GrabPay offers a wide range of financial transactions. Consumers can pay bills, and do free transfers to other banks and e-wallets. Grab Pay is currently working on a feature to purchase pre-paid mobile load. Here are other benefits of using GrabPay. 

Peer-to-Peer Funds Transfer

GrabPay’s partnership with Singapore- based fund transfer service provider, Pay Now, enables customers to send or accept transfers between bank accounts and e-wallets through the Pay Now method. GrabPay also facilitates peer-to-peer funds transfers in Singapore so that customers can share funds with family and friends who use the app. 

Grab Pay is also in partnership with P-PRO, a UK-based service to allow P+PRO partner merchants to accept GrapPay payments in Malaysia. 

It Offers Credit Opportunities

Grab Pay has a credit offering product called Pay Later. This product allows for a post-paid service that lets customers pay for Grab services at the end of the month or make payments in installments with zero extra charges.

Perks and Rewards For Users 

GrabPay rewards its users with promotions, offers and new initiatives. It has tier divisions with more lucrative rewards as you go higher. It also has a premium feature that enables a wider range of transactions such as remittance abroad, maxing out accounts and receiving virtual MasterCard.

Speedy Transaction Settlement

On GrabPay, customers can make payments using their own QR Codes.

When an account is created, the user is given a QR code which is used for payments that make such transactions seamless. It will also soon allow the use of Asia Pacific’s first numberless MasterCard for payments. 

Wide Acceptance

GrabPay is available and accepted in-store at many shops and restaurants. It’s in partnership with many well-used and commonly patronized businesses such as Shein, Starbucks, Zalora and more. Hence, asides using GrabPay for Grab services, customers can use it to make payments at other online shops and walk-in stores.

On GrabPay, customers can also earn money. Grab Reward points earned by performing transactions or subscribing to Grab Unlimited can be used to get discounts and other fun prizes on Grab services.

Highly Secure

GrabPay is very safe to use. All personal information and payment transactions are encrypted and protected with a 24/7 fraud detection engine. Also, a unique pin known only by the user is used to access accounts and perform transactions, ensuring privacy and security.

How to Join

Simply head to the GrabPay website and locate the prompt for setting up a wallet. Download the mobile app. Ensure to have any acceptable national form of identification handy for identity confirmation and to answer personal questions. 

Then, answer all other questions required. After this, a wallet will be created. To activate the wallet and create a unique 6-digit security GrabPIN, money should be paid into the wallet. Upgrading to Premium grants access to all its functions.


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