Fat Zebra

Originating from Australia, Fat Zebra stands as a digital transaction facilitator, streamlining online credit card payments for enterprises. With their adherence to PCI DSS standards and additional protective measures, platforms like Fat Zebra prioritize the secure encryption and handling of confidential payment details, reducing potential security threats. Automated elements, like scheduled payments, not only save time but also ensure a consistent revenue stream from regular subscriptions. Their inclusive analytics and reporting features minimize administrative burdens by aggregating sales data, refunds, and other pertinent transaction information, reducing the need for manual tracking. 

Key Features of the Platform

Through a straightforward one-time integration, the payment system unlocks boundless opportunities. Enterprises of all sizes utilize Fat Zebra to process payments and oversee their online operations. Some of the notable features include:

Easy Integration: Fat Zebra offers simple and straightforward integration with many e-commerce platforms and systems, making it easier for businesses to set up.

PCI DSS Compliance: They maintain compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ensuring that payment data is kept secure.

Multi-Currency Support: The platform can handle transactions in multiple currencies, catering to businesses that have a global customer base.

Recurring Payments: For subscription-based models or services, Fat Zebra supports automated recurring payments.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics: Merchants have access to comprehensive insights about their transactions, helping them make informed business decisions.

Fraud Prevention Tools: They offer tools to help businesses identify and prevent potentially fraudulent activities.

Responsive Customer Support: Fat Zebra provides support to address queries, concerns, or issues related to payment processing.

Direct Debits: Beyond credit card payments, Fat Zebra also allows merchants to set up and manage direct debits.

Tokenization: This capability enables businesses to safely retain client card information for subsequent purchases, ensuring a seamless checkout process for recurrent shoppers.

Payouts: An easy way to send money to bank accounts, domestically or internationally.

Hosted Payment Pages: For businesses that prefer not to handle payment data directly, Fat Zebra offers hosted payment pages that can be branded to match the merchant’s identity.

How to Get Started With

To begin with Fat Zebra, first immerse yourself in their suite of services by visiting their official site, where you can explore their features, pricing, and user testimonials. Initiating your journey involves navigating to their registration page via the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” prompts. During this process, you’ll detail specifics about your business, including its name, nature, projected transaction volume, and contact info. Subsequent to signing up, Fat Zebra may subject you to a verification phase, possibly seeking documents like business licenses or bank statements to confirm your enterprise’s authenticity. Upon validation, you’ll proceed to weave Fat Zebra into your digital storefront or app; the platform usually offers integrations for prevalent e-commerce systems and detailed API instructions for bespoke amalgamations. Delving into the Fat Zebra dashboard post-integration allows you to finetune payment configurations, encompassing currency preferences, payment method assortment, and checkout interface personalization. Before unveiling the service to customers, it’s imperative to test the gateway’s operation to confirm seamless transaction handling and pinpoint potential snags. Post-assessment, activating the gateway empowers your clientele to transact via Fat Zebra. Regular oversight of your account offers a pulse on transaction patterns, financial statements, and pivotal analytics, keeping you informed of sales trajectories and emerging issues. And, should you grapple with any obstacles or seek clarifications, Fat Zebra’s dedicated support team stands ready to troubleshoot, advise, and adapt solutions to your commercial needs.



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