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BBVA Payment

Mexico’s e-commerce industry is expanding and dynamic in the region’s economy. This is attributed to the upsurge of online payment systems and delivery infrastructures. For traders interested in selling in this marketplace, meeting the local preferences of online buyers is essential. One of the effective ways that traders can localize their item offering is by providing payment channels that local clients anticipate.

BBVA Payment is a premier digital payment platform that lets clients make faster payments. With it, users can pay for orders via cash at any land-based BBVA bank by providing a ticket with a barcode. On the other hand, clients can conduct wire transfers after signing into the BBVA website.

Alternative payment systems are a vital part of any payment landscape. Voucher and cash-based payments are the most common substitute payment options in Mexico. BBVA Payment is the best cash-based transaction options in Mexico that is facilitated via the retail branches of BBVA Bank.

The payment platform is offered by BBVA Mexico, one of the major banks in Mexico.

BBVA allows online shoppers to pay for services or products using digital payment and bank transfers. That means traders can benefit from quicker settlement, assured payment, and the capability to reach a wider array of clients. Therefore, using this payment platform is the best way to scale your business.

All bank transfers are settled via BBVA’s online banking solutions for up to 2 working days. Additionally, the transactions might not be subjected to chargebacks. For clients who want to pay in cash, they can swiftly create a barcode and make payment at any BBVA branch. This option is helpful for traders because there are no chargebacks.

Benefits of Using BBVA

Traders who accept BBVA’s digital banking ensure their clients have a safe and streamlined checkout process. This also creates an approachable experience for those clients that might lack access to credit/debit cards and online banking. So, such clients can conveniently make payment in cash.

The platform is widely accepted since individuals do not need credit cards and bank accounts to make payments. Apart from being faster and expedient, the platform improves online presence by allowing the use of cash.

Additionally, e-commerce traders who use the BBVA system can rationalise the checkout procedures for clienteles. So, people who want to pay directly from their reliable home banking site to make their payments digitally.

The best way to implement the BBVA Payment platform is through a payment gateway that accepts BBVA as its main payment options. PayU’s world-wide payment system offers access to BBVA.

How to Start accepting BBVA Payments

  •         Choose a reliable payment gateway such as PayU
  •         Visit the gateway platform
  •         Fill out the available online form
  •         Click on the submit icon to complete the process

Log into your account and request a wire transfer to use the service. This allows you to receive the cash and begin processing the order.


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