Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline is one of the leading payment processing companies, which is often presented under the trademarks Atos. The date of foundation is 1974. Initially, it specialized in processing payment card transactions. Later it diversified its activity and started working over the integration of online services. In the 1990s the company merged with Sliga, then created the division Atos Worldline, which acted as a standalone legal entity. A series of mergers and acquisitions made Atos Worldline the #4 player in its sector of industry in the world.

Apart from mobility and eTransactional services, the platform offers its services for Merchants, that can use the system for domestic and international transactions. In 2021, the company brought in a revenue of 3.7B Euros.

Goals of Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline doesn’t follow trends in the payments sector, shaping them instead for others to follow. Trying to be at the forefront of the revolution in the digital sphere, it initiated a proprietary co-creation program called the e-Payments Challenge. The program was launched during the annual collaborative forum, where both parties, fintech startups and their clients, work together to devise the solutions for e-payment challenges, which people face nowadays. The goal they are trying to achieve as well is to shorten the cycle of the innovation introduced to the market. This is a part of the company’s strategy aimed at the global reach of fintechs who should be provided with the capability to utilize industrial assets. So, the platform emphasizes its commitment to establish partnerships for the mutual win of the parties involved. In this way, smart management of expense policies is a priority for Atos Worldline.

Benefits of the platform

The company has become a leader in using innovative sales channels such as voice purchases. For instance, in 2019, the company Damart entered partnership with Atos and used its technology to launch its voice application via Google Assistant. This is a new step in the evolution of the customer experience. It is expected that the global voice trade is going to become an ecommerce trend in the near future. Apart from its involvement in innovative technologies, there are other advantages for merchants.

  • Staff of highly trained engineers;
  • Individual guidance of clients on the digital transformation journey;
  • Cyberspace security;
  • Improved omnichannel customer experience;
  • Customization of individual approach;
  • Fully immersive shopping experience;
  • Tools to study customer behavior;
  • Additional sales channels;
  • A company with a solid technology portfolio;
  • Enhanced operational management;
  • Professional top management;
  • Development of scientific and technological excellence.

How to connect to the service

Merchants should register on the official website of the payment system, explore the solutions offered to regional and large global businesses. There are solutions for website owners, merchants and resellers, and system integrators. There is a special page with payment terms and conditions for different systems that should be examined prior to connecting to the payment processor. The documents are available in all European languages. Then you should contact the team. It is necessary to fill out the application form for that, including the details about your company.

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