Payment Gateways in Argentina

Following up on the fundamental changes in multiple areas of life, the rise of technology has contributed to numerous transformations in the Argentine financial and business sectors. Such amendments have raised a set of questions and challenges for digital commerce specialists while simultaneously revealing many pathways for business development.

Considering advanced fintech solutions to enhance conversion rates and decrease costs, merchants and payment service providers (PSPs) of different niches are increasingly giving preference to multi-functional white-label payment gateways like Akurateco. Their implemented features and offered opportunities make white-label solutions worthy of attention in the Argentine online payment gateway market.

Argentine payment market: An overview

Having undergone various changes under the influence of the widespread introduction of high technologies, intensified during the COVID-19 period, the Argentine financial landscape has significantly expanded its scope and added the latest variations to the payment methods, split into cash (including special vouchers), credit card, bank transfer (with installment, Transferencias 3.0 system, mobile payments, and BNPL feature), digital wallet, etc, covering a range of options.

According to Statista forecasts, Argentina’s digital payment market will be valued at over $43.24 billion in 2024. The same indicator will reach $60 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of 8.53%.

How to launch a payment gateway in Argentina?

If you want to establish your own PSP in Argentina, there are two main paths to follow. The first one is to establish a payment gateway on your own. To embark on independently launching a payment gateway in Argentina, it’s imperative to conduct comprehensive research into the local market landscape and regulatory framework established by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) and other relevant authorities. This involves gaining insights into prevalent payment methods, ensuring adherence to standards such as PCI DSS, and obtaining the necessary licenses. Then, you need to develop a robust payment system must be, tailored to meet the distinctive preferences and requirements of Argentine consumers and businesses and collaborate with local financial institutions and banks. Once developed, the payment gateway can be introduced into the Argentine market.

Alternatively, streamlining the launch of a payment gateway in Argentina can be achieved by embracing a white-label payment solution. This entails partnering with a reputable payment software provider that offers a ready-to-use payment system, preferably with a proven track record in the Argentine market like Akurateco. White-label solutions already comply with local regulations and security protocols, simplifying the process of navigating intricate licensing procedures. Customization options offered by white-label providers allow for branding of the payment gateway under the business’s identity, facilitating a faster time-to-market. By harnessing a white-label payment gateway, businesses can focus on customer acquisition and expansion initiatives, while benefiting from a trusted and reliable payment infrastructure.

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The most popular payment methods in Argentina

With a thriving digital payment market, Argentina skillfully combines traditional and advanced methods. A range of online and offline variations will allow you to find the best local payment Argentina to suit your needs.


As an international provider with a wide range of supported payment methods, PayU Argentina offers fast and seamless online bank transfers, paying for digital goods and services. Prioritization of consumer needs, increased security, and other highlights helped this method become one of the best for both merchants and customers. Learn more about PayU in our dedicated article.


Another payment method, PagoFacil Argentina, is at the top of the list of options for paying offline. Not limited to cash, it allows you to pay conveniently, choosing the most suitable method and one of 3,500 payment locations available in the country. Multiple features distinguish PagoFacil from the others, while unique barcodes, a ban on payments in gambling and porn niches, and stringent security measures indicate increased customer safety care.


Rapipago Argentina is a popular prepaid payment method offering multiple options for digital commerce specialists. Having generated a special cash voucher, a consumer can take it to pay in land-based stores. With over six thousand accessible payment locations, this cash-based method is one of Argentina’s most preferred offline payments.


The cutting-edge fintech solution, MODO, funded by over 35 banking institutions, offers a range of peculiarities, including instant transfers, a BNPL feature, the newest mobile application, and so on. Shifting the consumer focus from cash as Argentina’s most widespread payment method, a bank wallet provides the most convenient way to send and receive money online.


With almost 250 mobile operators in the global network and over 100 markets, a mobile SMS payment method offers the best conditions to sell and buy digital products. Mobiamo is among the top mobile payment providers, featuring secure and lightning-fast transactions. Requiring to send SMS instead of registration and other procedures, this online payment channel Argentina is one of the most suitable alternatives in case of lack of access to a bank account or credit card.

Top payment gateways in Argentina

The Argentine payment gateway market is rich in innovative solutions, offering cutting-edge features for digital commerce specialists to seamlessly boost their business in different directions.


Created over twenty years ago, this payment gateway Argentina offers digital commerce professionals the opportunity to boost their business through integration with a website or application. The innovative digital wallet method combines online and offline transaction methods and has everything to be considered one of the best options in the payments market. Find out more about MercadoPagi in the article.


An innovative solution, APEXX provides a set of options for web commerce specialists. It allows them to accept online money transfers from several payment providers connected in one single integration with POL (Payment Orchestration Layer). Among the most valuable features of APEXX for merchants are a set of API protocols and pre-built plugins, a smart routing system, and other options for business promotion.


One of the most popular choices in the Argentine digital payment gateway market, PayU GPO provides merchants with a package of tools for fast and hassle-free business growth. By expanding its scope, adding more options to the payment method list, and introducing new functions, the online payment processor deserves the attention of every e-commerce specialist.

How can Akurateco help you with payment gateway integration in Argentina?

With PCI DSS-compliant white-label payment gateway software, Akurateco provides a set of valuable functions for PSPs, merchants, and other fintech solution providers. Its system supports over 300 banks and payment gateways, among them the most popular in the Argentine market. Furthermore, all these payment integrations are accessible through one single integration with the Akurateco platform.

Benefits of using Akurateco white-label payment gateway in Argentina

Offering a set of technologies and options for PSPs and merchants, Akurateco features beneficial opportunities for the growth of businesses of all sizes and satisfying consumer needs.

Enhanced Security

When it comes to digital payments, safety and confidentiality occupy the highest positions among the issues on the agenda. Akurateco offers a PCI DSS Level 1 certified system that provides proper risk management, preventing the most sophisticated attacks. The internal antifraud filters and external risk-scoring providers for detecting and analyzing any cyber threat will ensure the security of all online operations, strengthening the fight against fraud and safeguarding your revenue.

Reduced Payment Failures

Akurateco provides multiple pathways to success in digital commerce. With an intelligent payment routing system, merchants can easily handle low conversion rates, routing transactions to the payment channels most likely to process them successfully. At the same time, the declined payments are distributed via a cascading mechanism to achieve a successful result within one payment attempt, increasing the transaction approval rate by up to 20%.

Constant Payments Monitoring

With advanced data analytics tools, Akurateco can help you keep track of each transaction’s status, always staying aware of their business growth. Tracking payment data on the unique dashboard is a weighty feature for PSPs, merchants, and banks, optimizing several processes and increasing efficiency. Akurateco’s payment data analytics helps quickly build tried-and-true strategies, developing business from different angles.


How do I accept online payments in Argentina?

To accept Argentina payment methods on your website or application, you need to develop a payment gateway on your own or partner with a reliable white-label payment gateway provider that offers a ready-to-use system.

How Argentine card payments are regulated?

The issue of card payments and payment systems as a whole is regulated by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. The latter has established a legal and regulatory framework regarding the national payment system, while the Law on Credit Cards provides regulations for debit and credit card operations.

Can Akurateco provide tailored payment solutions for businesses in Argentina?

As a top white-label payment software provider, Akurateco provides the newest feature tools finely tuned to multiple industries’ requests. Preferring this innovative solution largely prevails over development from scratch, meeting the needs of each consumer and fitting within the niche’s framework.

Does Akurateco support Argentine local payment methods?

Akurateco offers almost every possible option available in today’s global digital payments market. It is possible to use popular Argentina payment methods already integrated into the system or request a custom integration development. To find out more about a particular payment method, feel free to submit the Request a Connector form at the top of the page.

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