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Dec 08, 2023
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    In the dynamic landscape of digital payments, it is crucial for every financial technology company to stay at the forefront of the latest updates and advancements in the industry. Participating in Fintech conferences and events proves to be one of the most effective strategies for achieving this goal. However, with the surge of Fintech events in recent years, it can be overwhelming to sort through their differences and identify the most relevant conferences for your business.

    As annual Fintech conference participants, we at Akurateco have prepared a list of the key Fintech events in 2024 that cannot be missed. Let’s get right to it!

    1. Seamless

    Seamless is a global Fintech event series focusing on the convergence of the banking and financial technology industry with the retail and e-commerce ecosystem. The event serves as a dynamic platform where professionals, thought leaders, and innovators come together to drive change in both sectors and connect to explore the latest trends, innovations, and partnership opportunities.

    Seamless’s value lies in its extensive global reach. The event is hosted in five regions worldwide, each experiencing rapid financial technology development. It gives participants the flexibility to select a location that aligns with their preferences. 

    In 2023, the Seamless series of events brought together 75,000 attendees worldwide, and our team was among them. Having participated in Seamless Middle East and Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023, we have experienced the distinct atmospheres of each, tailored to the unique characteristics of the respective regional markets.

    With a global reach, tailored atmospheres for different regions, and a proven track record, Seamless is a trusted and reputable choice in the Fintech events landscape.

    Here’s where to attend Seamless in 2024:

    1. Seamless Middle East: 14-15 May, Dubai World Trade Center
    2. Seamless North Africa, 2-3 July, Cairo, Egypt
    3. Seamless Europe, 10-11 September, Munich, Germany
    4. Seamless Africa, 16-17 October, Johannesburg, South Africa
    5. Seamless Saudi Arabia, 17-19 November, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    If you’re attending Seamless and want to catch up, book a meeting with us via the link below.

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    1. Africa FinTech Summit

    With the African digital payments market evolving at a rapid pace, Fintech conferences in the region are gaining traction. Africa Fintech Summit is a global forum that brings together participants from all over the world to discuss and explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the financial technology sector within the African continent.

    The event gathers Fintech stakeholders to form partnerships, mobilize investments, showcase innovations, collectively address industry challenges, identify trends, and shape policies toward the vision of a thriving African digital payments ecosystem.

    The 11th Africa Fintech Summit will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. Registration opens in January 2024, when the specific dates will be announced. The event is certainly one Akurateco can’t miss, so drop us a message if you’d like to meet up there.

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    1. Paris Fintech Forum

    Paris Fintech Forum is an annual Fintech conference that brings together key players in the financial technology industry for discussions, networking, and exploration of the latest trends. It focuses on the financial technology sector, bringing together professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and regulators from around the world. 

    The event acts as a platform for international collaboration and knowledge exchange, covering a wide range of topics related to financial technology, innovation, and the future of finance. It offers a holistic view of the industry, with participants coming from various sectors within the e-payments ecosystem, bringing diverse perspectives and insights.

    The Paris Fintech Forum is scheduled to take place in Paris in May 2024, with exact dates to be announced soon. If you plan to attend and would like to connect with us, feel free to schedule a meeting here.

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    1. Money 20/20

    Among the must-attend Fintech conferences is Money 20/20, one of the largest and most prominent global events in the financial technology and payments industry. 

    Money 20/20 is a global Fintech event series that facilitates payments and financial services innovation for mobile, retail, marketing services, data, and technology-enabled connected commerce. Its large-scale events are held in multiple regions worldwide, attracting a diverse international audience that allows attendees to gain a comprehensive view of the global digital payments landscape.

    Money20/20 also serves as a platform for emerging financial technology companies to connect with potential investors. The event’s startup-friendly atmosphere fosters innovation and investment in new ventures.

    Here’s where to attend Money 20/20 in 2024:

    1. Money 20/20 Asia: 23-25 April, Bangkok
    2. Money 20/20 Europe: 4-6 June, Amsterdam
    3. Money 20/20 USA: 27-30 October, Las Vegas


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    1. Finovate

    Finovate is a global Fin tech conference series presenting innovative banking and financial technology. The conference is well-known for its unique format, which combines short-form live demonstrations and presentations with insights from industry thought leaders. 

    The event’s goal is to provide a platform for financial technology companies to present their cutting-edge solutions, allowing attendees to witness firsthand the advancements shaping the future of finance.

    Finovate has an international presence, hosting events in various locations around the world. This positions Finovate as the ideal platform for participants to showcase their products globally.

    Here’s where to attend Finovate in 2024:

    1. Finovate Europe: 27-28 February, London
    2. Finovate Spring: 21-23 May, San Francisco
    3. Finovate Fall: 9-11 September, New York


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    1. Dubai Fintech Summit

    Establishing itself as the world’s premier Fintech hub, Dubai is poised to attract key industry players in 2024, with the Dubai Fintech Summit standing out as one of the pivotal events in the region.

    Dubai Fintech Summit is a financial technology conference that brings over 8,000 industry leaders, investors, and policymakers to share and contribute to developing tools, regulations, and frameworks essential to shaping the future of FinTech and finance.

    Furthermore, the Summit serves as a prime platform to connect with leading investors. With 1,000+ pre-qualified investors in attendance, the event offers participants unparalleled opportunities for investment and partnerships.

    The Dubai Fintech Summit 2024 will occur May 6-7 in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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    1. Fintech Week London

    Fintech Week London brings together traditional financial institutions and recently established fintech companies in the heart of one of the world’s leading financial districts, London.

    It’s a week-long series of Fintech events highlighting and celebrating London’s cutting-edge financial technology scene. Moreover, the event provides an exclusive platform for participants to connect with London’s key influencers, decision-makers, and innovators. 

    Fintech Week London covers the hottest themes in Fintech, addressing pressing questions through a dynamic format that includes keynote presentations, interactive panel debates, workshops, and roundtables.

    In 2024, Fintech Week London is scheduled for June 10-14 in London, with a Flagship Conference taking place on the 13th of June.

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    1. FinTech Festival Tanzania

    Being the largest financial technology conference in East Africa, the FinTech Festival Tanzania offers a dynamic platform for the Fintech community to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

    The event’s primary objective is to enhance collaboration between Tanzania and the global Fintech sphere, strengthening the Tanzania financial technology ecosystem. For attendees looking to expand internationally or increase their presence in Africa, the Festival is an ideal opportunity to showcase their products in the Tanzanian market. 

    As of now, the FinTech Festival Tanzania 2024 dates are yet to be revealed.

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    1. Pay360

    Pay360 is the flagship Fintech conference and exhibition organized by The Payments Association, attracting participants from various segments of the payments value chain. It firmly takes place among the UK’s most significant exhibitions dedicated to payments and is one of the major events in Europe.

    This focused event, tailored for the payments community, serves as a hub for senior decision-makers to meet and network. Hosted in London, the conference draws over 4000 payment professionals and features more than 150 exhibitors from around the globe.

    Pay360 2024 will occur at ExCeL, London, on March 19-20

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    1. New York Fintech Week

    With the number of major Fintech players concentrated in the United States of America, our list will only be complete if we include conferences organized in the USA, namely New York Fintech Week.

    New York Fintech Week presents itself as an inclusive collaboration of the entire startup ecosystem. It’s a series of Fintech events encompassing various activities, including conferences, exclusive roundtables, and community-focused gatherings, spotlighting diverse financial technology initiatives.

    In 2024, New York Fintech Week will take place on April 8-12 in New York, USA.

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    Wrapping it up

    Participating in conferences is a powerful tool for expanding your network, attracting customers, and staying informed about market trends. However, with the increasing number of specialized Fintech conferences, choosing the most impactful ones can be challenging. 

    In this article, we’ve compiled 10 key Fintech events of 2024 based on Akurateco’s extensive conference experience. Yet, the ultimate choice regarding conferences that resonate with your Fintech niche, business goals, and target regions lies with you. Wishing you the best of luck!


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