VisaNet is the main payment network of the Visa brand. It’s an international payment network that perfectly merges technology, intelligence, and systems for fast electronic payments for everyone. Visanet offers a payment digitization technology that can be used by individuals, businesses and even governments. 

Visanet’s payment technology employs the use of artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning for a smart, safe and better payment process for users. The Visanet technology is built on the reliability, speed and global reach of the Visa brand. 

According to the Visa annual report of 2021, Visanet makes payment possible in 200+ many countries. The network is built to process thousands of transactions per second and hundreds of millions of transactions per day. Lastly, the Visanet is available for transactions non-stop, all day – the visa website describes this as 99.9999%. 

Visa as a parent brand has representations in numerous countries of the world. However, its corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

The Visa brand started out as Bank of America’s card product known as BankAmericard in 1958. In 1976, the BankAmericard name was changed to ‘Visa’. In 2007, the Visa brand was incorporated.

Benefits of using Visanet’s system

Visanet is an internationally recognized brand that is used by millions of users across the world. These are some of the benefits the network offers users:

Visanet’s payment network is secure

At the core of Visanet’s payment technology is the use of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent any sort of incursion or attack on the system. The network is heavily protected with various layers of cybersecurity measures and tools to ensure that transactions are free from third-party interference.

Enjoy high-speed transactions

Visanet is specially built and maintained to handle up to 76 thousand transactions per second and hundreds of millions of transactions in a day. This is because of its state-of-the-art data processing centers. According to the Visa annual report for 2021, the network processed up to 164.7 billion transactions in just a year.

Enjoy global reach

Whether as a business or an individual, Visanet users can send and receive money in over 200+ countries and territories. Visanet connects 3.6 billion accounts with more than 80 million business accounts across the countries where Visa is an accepted payment channel.

Enjoy an unaltered payment technology service

It’s common thing for electronic payment systems to have periodic downtimes due to maintenance issues. However, with Visanet, downtimes are heavily minimized. Visanet boasts an availability time of 99.9999% per day.

How to connect

One thing you need to understand is that Visanet is the network. More like the operating system. That said, the Visa brand has several products that can be integrated into your platform. 

These products are what connect you to the Visanet network. Examples include Visa debit cards, Visa Credit, and Visa prepaid for individuals. For businesses, there is the Click to Pay, contactless payments, Mobile Point of Sales, Visa Direct, etc. 

To connect to Visanet’s services, visit your financial institution to ask them about Visa’s products and services. You can as well visit Visa’s website to read about these products and services.

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To learn more about payment orchestration, check out the article below:

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