STC Pay is a fintech Saudi Arabian company that developed the largest digital wallet in MEMA (Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa). The facility is a Riyadh-based subsidiary of STC Group. The company was founded in 2018 with the goal to improve and diversify digital services. In 2021, STC Pay gained a digital banking license after the approval of Saudi Arabia’s cabinet. The wallet of the company was awarded as the Best Digital Wallet in the MENA 2020. STC Pay has become the first Saudi fintech unicorn startup.

The company pursues the mission to deliver cutting-edge technologies and new digital experiences to merchants. It created a powerful network connecting merchants from different countries around the world. There is a secure digital solution at the basis of this network. it contributes to fast, simple, and secure transaction completion.

STC Pay was developed by a team of highly professional employees to help merchants to reveal their potential fully. Being an integrated payment app, STC Pay offers everything merchants need for successful performance, transaction execution, and business growth.

Benefits of using STC Pay

The company considers that security an essential factor so they tried their best to create a secure product for merchants. The team developed a secure digital wallet empowering business owners to take full control of their financial situation.

Merchants are able to manage their finances at any time online. The functionality is extensive and allows to send, receive, and manage money right from the mobile app. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. The facility also enables such features as the instant refund, transaction visibility with the capability of tracking transaction reports. The customer service responds very fast when problems arise.

Businessmen highly assessed the functionality that allowed them to manage finances rapidly. The company is ready to display merchant brand features for use in connection with the service. The fees are communicated with a merchant via email or mobile app.

How to connect to the system

The payment app can be easily activated without the help of technicians. There are minimum requirements for the activation of the app. The process takes just several minutes. One should register on the website to become a merchant and verify a mobile number before going further. There is a phone for citizens of Saudi Arabia and a phone number for international merchants along with a toll-free number that is provided on the website for comments and inquiries.

The number of merchants connected to the system is huge so you can join them and improve the payment potential of your customers.


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