Signature Payments

Signature Payments presents a proprietary gateway for merchants and businesses that can accept online payments easily. The company delivers innovative payment technologies and offers the best solutions in the field. It takes one of the leading positions in this segment of the market.

The company was previously called Signature Card Services. In 2020, it rebranded and adopted its current name. The in-house team focused on the capability of easy integration of the payment technology. The company also offers terminals for stores of high quality. The company serves both B2B and B2C businesses, especially the ones that belong to high-risk industries. The full list of such industries can be found on the official website of the company.  

After the company was founded in 1997, thousands of businesses started accepting credit cards. These were mainly SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). As the industry evolved, the company still continued to develop the technologies to keep the pace with time. It accumulated years of experience, and this enabled the company to serve businesses working in high-risk industries.

New products were released with attention to engineering, so the team came up with better solutions to help companies and businesses grow and scale. Highly-qualified specialists with a forward-thinking mindset don’t refuse from old school trying to take the best practices from the past, integrating innovative features to the products.

Signature Payments highlights

The features provided by the gateway include customer management, recurring payments, invoicing, etc. It securely transmits transaction data between the merchant and the client’s bank. The team always tries to offer the products developed with the assistance of the advanced technologies. Thus, clients can be sure that they use the latest software, adjusted to their needs. The platform also has a blog where it describes the basic notions and explains how it works in different spheres.

The main values of the company are integrity, accessibility, and innovation. The whole work is conducted with regards to these values. The client-centered approach is based on the principle of integrity, while private sales coaching helps to make the service more accessible.

The team cares about security and flexibility of its solutions enabling easy integration to your resource for further simple processing. Multi-channel payments are easily conducted online or on the move. Also, it is possible to use mobile devices for payments.

The support team is responsive and always ready to help when the request is submitted. Since issues can arise due to data breaches, it is important to have reliable support to avoid catastrophic consequences. The platform implemented tokenization for customers to feel safe and convenient when they pay. The company does everything for protection of users and fraud prevention.

The product is easily customized to meet all customers’ requirements. The company offers a quality API created for the simple integration of payments. It allows users to add more features to the site, for instance, management and fraud prevention tools.


Signature Payments’ gateway pricing is based on a ‘per transaction’ fee and a percentage of each purchase. The company also offers merchant processing services and POS payment solutions, as well as virtual terminal payment gateways with extensive payment features.

How to join the system

Business owners should contact the team of the company. It is necessary to fill out the form you can find on the official website of the company and add the message to it.


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