RBK.money is a PCI DSS v. 3.2 compliant payment system that enables payments in 60 countries. There are more than 30K merchants in the customer base of the company. It took 17 years for the company to accumulate a large database. The company works with 20 partner banks and has 87 partners around the world. The brand unites the companies that offer payment acceptance services for legal entities and individuals.

The company behind the payment system is Direct Payment Limited that is headquartered in London. It received a license from FCA UK in 2013 that enabled the system to accept payments in the EU. In 2018, it launched ApplePay, SamsungPay, and GooglePay payment methods.  It also activated merchant acquiring in 2018. In 2020, the developers of the company presented the first open-source software payment processing in the world.

Benefits of using RBK.money

The system of Internet acquiring supports Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Maestro, MIR, American Express, and China UnionPay.

The system enables mass system payments. The customers that bind their cards can enjoy one-click payment without the necessity to re-enter the same data again and again. There is no need to worry about the security at that. Though the system accepts the payment fast, the card details are securely encrypted and can’t be accessed by anybody.  All data is reliably protected. RBK.money uses a well-developed anti-fraud system that protects merchants from fraudulent transactions.

There is a personalized approach to each business so the payment mechanism is chosen in accordance with the specific system. The service allows making recurring payments and automatic money write-offs that are followed by the receipts sent to the customer’s e-mail. Alongside with this, split payments can be useful for merchants. This is topical when several suppliers should receive payments. The functionality permits the use of even the most sophisticated schemes.

Apart from processing, the service offers a convenient back office that becomes an irreplaceable tool for managing the customer base. The analytics is easily customizable. Merchants get a detailed picture that enables better decision-making.

The payment system gives merchants the flexibility of setting up a payment form with the most demanded payment instruments. The fee is not charged if there is no turnover. It is easy to integrate the payment system even for those who are not technically savvy. There are modules for different CMS. If there is no CMS on the list presented on the official website, the developers are ready to make it for you.

How to connect to the system

Merchants can start receiving payments after the approval of the team. It is enough to sign a single contract to integrate all products including acquiring, mass payouts, recurring, and other functions, which help you to grow your business. The company promises onboarding in 48 hours. All popular payment methods are activated on the merchant’s site within this timeframe.

First, the candidate should sign up, upload the required documents, and then the company will check the website to confirm the activation of the merchant.



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