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Payments have become indispensable in our daily lives. PostFinance is a financial institution in Switzerland, a landscape known for its peculiar financial industry. PostFinance is renowned for its dependable payment solutions characterized by precision and efficiency.

The Benefits of PostFinance

PostFinance has caused a change in how financial transactions happen within Switzerland, making payments a lot simpler than what they are today.


Want to get access to your funds regardless of place or time? E-finance makes that possible. With a login, you can transact on many accounts on a dashboard. The PostFinance platform extends this convenience to mobile devices, making it easy to access your financial information.

Streamlined Bill Payments with eBill

PostFinance ushers in the eBill era. eBill aligns with environmental sustainability ethos while giving you unparalleled ease as you sort through bills. This is a much better replacement to having to wade through several paper bills looking for the right one.

Automated Payments

PostFinance’s standing order service enables effortless recurring financial transactions via automated payments. Users can seamlessly automate their financial commitments, with the flexibility to adjust or terminate these orders as circumstances dictate, leaving complete control in the hands of the user.

Traditional Ease with Payment Orders

Recognizing the presence of traditional users, PostFinance extends the embrace of its services to Payment Orders, granting users the privilege of executing payments via postal mail.

Foreign Exchange Trading

PostFinance presents a sophisticated list of options, including spot trading forex and swap transactions. These carefully thought-out options provide customers with efficiency when carrying out transactions even internationally.

Comprehensive Banking Packages

PostFinance’s holistic financial management is exemplified by its comprehensive banking packages, which include the Smart and SmartPlus suites. These comprehensive solutions seamlessly combine the effectiveness of online banking, private accounts in multiple currencies, PostFinance Cards, credit cards, and the invaluable benefit of fee-free cash withdrawals.

Securing the Future

PostFinance has options for retirement. This includes retirement savings accounts, retirement funds, benefits accounts, and life insurance plans. The options are easy to access and straightforward when enrolling. 

Personal Loans

Life is unpredictable in terms of financial needs. In such moments where urgencies arise, PostFinance’s personal loan offerings emerge as a saving grace. They have online applications for loans spanning from CHF 1,000 to CHF 80,000 with flexible terms, competitive interest rates, early repayment privileges, and insurance coverage.

How to Connect

  • Navigate to the login button on the website.
  • Click on the option to order e-finance
  • Select whether you’re already a PostFinance customer or not
  • Choose your banking package and preferred product
  • Fill in your personal details

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