Paypros wears multiple hats. The Paypros brand is now more known for its payroll and employee management services. Paypros was a leading figure in payment software integration for small and medium businesses. It services over 58,000 businesses in the US where it operates. 

Paypros excelled at this service so much that it was acquired by Global Payments sometime in 2015. Global Payments is one of the biggest international payment solutions companies in the world. Paypros now offers its payment technology services under the Global Payments umbrella. Paypros was founded in 1995. Its full name is Payment Processing Incorporated.

Benefits of using the Paypros’ system

Paypros payment services have now been absorbed into Global payments integrated. More specifically, it has now been absorbed into the Open Edge payments, a global payments initiative. Paypros is a recognized ISO of Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank, National Bank of Canada, Montreal. Here are few benefits of using Paypros:

Ideal for all businesses, irrespective of size

Paypros is an ideal partner and solutions company for small businesses who want to automate payments and have a dependable system for such purposes. Paypros started out by providing alternative payment solutions to one-man businesses.  Examples of businesses who should take advantage of PayPros’ services include: Salons, grocery stores, dry cleaning, etc.

Paypros is safe to use

Security is an important consideration when opting for a payment solutions technology. This is to prevent any form of fraud during the payment process. Paypros’ system offers businesses a secured payment system by reason of its encrypted structure. Paypros also supports tokenization to minimize the occurrence of fraud or data theft. The Paypros system also does regular cleaning of sensitive data to protect customers’ information.

Ideal for recurring payments

If you run a business that engages in regular payments, Paypros is an ideal solution that will help you automate such payments. Your card data is securely stored on the system and payments are made according to the instructions you give to the system. The system does this by constantly updating your card information after every successful transaction. With this system, your business stays afloat of any payment arrangements.

Paypros is available on mobile

The Paypros Innovo API can be integrated to build a custom mobile application for your business. With this application, you can make payments on the go. This function is called the QwickPAY. It’s convenient, fast and reliable. Your mobile application can also be used to monitor your transactions whether present or past.

Paypros offer credit card processing

Paypros users can accept payments made with credit cards as the system can process card payments. Even better, users can request credit card terminals and readers for such purposes. Paypros users can process card payments from brands like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, ApplePay, American Express, Union Pay, etc. Apart from card payments, Paypros users can also accept payment from over 150+ payment methods.

How to connect

Paypros service rates are not publicly available. You will have to sign up and contact the sales team to get the rates. To sign up, you will have to go through OpenEdge payments website since Paypros has been acquired.

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