OPay is a mobile money platform with an extensive range of services that merchants can offer to their clients. The goal of the company is to help unbanked people. OPay was created to serve 60% of Africans who remain unbanked. The customer base of the company has already exceeded 5 million Nigerians and continues to grow. Millions of users employ the service as it is enough to know the phone number of another user to send the payment.

Opay offers POS terminals with low fees on transactions to merchants. There are two options on the website that enable the creation of a merchant account. A person can create an online merchant account and a POS merchant account.

The benefits of using OPay

The main driver of the company is a passionate team that managed to develop a mobile platform with sophisticated functionality. The efficiency of the service is proved by a growing customer base.

With Opay, merchants can offer withdrawal and depositing services to their customers. One of the benefits is instant transaction settlement and the capability to follow the transactions in real-time. The facility developed a powerful dashboard where all business transactions are visible. By tracking the transactions, merchants can control their businesses better. There is also no need to wait for the end of the day to reconcile.

The company also offers free POS for merchants who can relieve the burden of their customers by providing cashing-out services for them. The company provides a full range of merchant business services such as pay bills, transfers, savings, etc.

It is possible to pay for television subscriptions, utility bills, and get discounts on the Opay app. The application also provides vouchers for airtime purchases. The system can boast of affordable fees. It is even possible to earn up to 15% annually on savings products offered by the company.

OPay customers can take advantage of 3 free bank transfers every day. Then they have to pay 15 Naira for consequent transfers. Those who initiate the transactions are charged a 3% fee.

There are all necessary tools for the merchants’ success even if they are on the go. There is one comprehensive mobile app that embraces all services available for merchants. The product was specially developed for their convenience.

There are also PCI-compliant APIs that can be easily integrated for payments on the resources. The developer documentation is provided for free on a specific website page. SDK libraries and Sandbox APK offered by the company help to launch API fast. It is possible to initiate the transfer to the OPay account or OPay wallet.

The facility offers 24/7 support where trained members of the team are ready to respond to all your inquiries.

How to connect to the system

The app is absolutely intuitive so there is usually no hassle when users start working with it. Technically, the merchants just need to upload the app from Google Play or AppStore. However, it is necessary to get approval first. The applicant should provide the required data to be approved by the company.



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