Mazooma is on a mission to make payments simple and hitch-free. The company’s services were initially focused majorly on providing a trusted payment channel for online gaming and sports betting sites in the US. However, since it was acquired by Nuvei, a global payment technology brand, Mazooma’s clientele scope has been expanded. It now serves as Nuvei’s alternative payment method, via its ACH platform that allows pay-ins and pay-outs functions exclusive to internet gaming providers in the US. 

Mazooma Technical Services Inc. began its operations as a payment solutions provider in 2009. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Mazooma is a registered vendor in 9 states. It also holds permission to operate in 12 states. It holds licenses as a money transfer agent and exemptions in 47 states in the US.

Benefits of using the Mazooma’s system

Mazooma provides the means for account-account payment in several online gaming and sports betting sites. Its ACH (Automated Clearing House) functionality affords users a seamless payment process for all types of customer-to-merchant transfers whether as deposits or withdrawals.  

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using Mazooma:

Mazooma supports most US banks and financial institutions

Mazooma is fully supported by various US banks. Even better, Mazooma’s partnership with Plaid has opened up its customer base to over 11,000 financial institutions. This gives Mazooma users a wider reach to make payments across several banks and financial institutions. 

That said, for customers to use Mazooma, they must have activated their online banking accounts and ensure their banks support electronic transfers.

It offers payment security

Mazooma is a trusted ACH-based payment channel. It works as a third party system for transfer of funds between the user’s bank account and the destination merchant account. It offers a secured end-to-end payment process thanks to its bank account level verification function, risk management and compliance protocols. Mazooma’s ACH model is also end-end encrypted with a 128-bit SSL giving your transactions protection from any interference.

It doesn’t charge service fees

Mazooma doesn’t charge users any service fee when it processes transfers. However, users’ financial institutions may levy a fee for such transactions.

It’s fast and convenient

ACH transfers have become more popular in recent times because of their speed and ease of use. Mazooma’s ACH system allows users to make instant and real time transfers between accounts. Payment has never been this convenient!

It offers a great user experience

Gone are the days when customers have to go through crappy payment systems filling endless online forms in order to make transfers. With Mazooma, the experience is topnotch. Users don’t have to provide so much information in order to use Mazooma’s ACH payment system. With just their online banking credentials, Mazooma users can link their bank and make transfers to any destination accounts.

How to connect

Recently Mazooma was acquired by Nuvei. That means that all of Mazooma’s services have been taken over by Nuvei. To use Mazooma’s services, do the following:

  • Go to Mazooma’s website at Mazooma.com
  • Fill in the form with your personal information
  • Read the terms and conditions of Mazooma’s service
  • Click ‘continue’
  • Follow further instructions.
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