Idea bank

Idea Bank is a bank registered in Poland that offers a wide range of services for individuals and merchants. The acquiring company offers a fast and secure method to accept payments. The business proposal is convenient for a number of reasons. The POS serves as a cash register so it is possible to have just one device for merchants to accept transactions via Idea Bank. The service allows POS to accept almost all types of cards. The cutting-edge features offered to merchants give more possibilities to the bank’s clients and make their businesses more competitive in the market. The benefits of the service attract new clients and help to retain loyal customers. 

The bank offers equipment of different types to merchants. It is possible to use SSI Interface Veriphone X990, which is a lightweight portable device on Android 7. The equipment caters to the security requirements and needs of payment systems, featuring Wi-Fi, 4G, and the capability to support third party applications. It can be used to play music or video files and to display graphics on it. 

Ingenico Desk 3200 is a universal device that accepts all kinds of payments including NFC, contactless and other kinds of cards. It is a stationary device that is secure and comfortable to use. It features 3G, dual SIM, and GPRS. 

Idea bank fees

The bank doesn’t charge a fee to connect a merchant to the system. The commission is 1,8%. It is also necessary to pay for renting of the terminal provided by the facility. The cost is from 300 to 600 UAH per month depending on the type of POS.

The fees are charged depending on the plans chosen by customers. The novices can start from the plan “Ideal start”, which is free for the first two months. Then merchants have to pay 0.99 UAH per transaction through the system “Client-Bank”. When the plan “Ideal entrepreneur” is chosen, only first 10 transactions through the system “Client-Bank” are free, and then the fee is 1,2% when cash is withdrawn. The plan “Ideal international” charges 2 UAH for external payment through the system “Client-Bank” and 0,1% commission when foreign currencies are sold or purchased. The plan “Ideal business” presupposes 20 free payments through the system “Client-Bank” and 2 UAH for external payment through “Client-Bank”. 

How to connect to the system

The merchants who are interested in the offer should submit an application, where they should provide the basic information about the company and leave the contact data. Those who encounter problems when choosing a plan, should call the company and consult an expert. The specialists of the bank can recommend the optimal plan for the business depending on its goals and characteristics. When the decision is made, collect the required documents to conclude the agreement with a bank. 



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