Helcim is a payment processor that tries to raise the level of service thus redefining usual merchants’ experience. In other words, the facility pursues the goal to become the best choice for your payment processing needs. This is a Canada-based company that was established in 2006 by Nicolas Beique who also takes the position of CEO in a company. With years, it has developed into a comprehensive payment hub that serves SMEs and large companies, focusing, primarily, domestic business and entities from the United States. The facility is favored by many companies that need in-store and online payment processing. 

The founder of the platform has always been passionate about programming and founded several companies before the Helcim launch. He liked the idea of a payment processing platform with a built-in shopping cart. The team includes over 70 employees. 

The team of the platform works to make the work of the platform better every single day. Much attention is paid to honesty in work.  The result speaks for itself. It is a highly-reputable brand, which is trusted by thousands of users. The platform offers diverse payment solutions and a variety of payment tools that speed up payment procedures. 

Helcim highlights

The platform features absolute transparency, as it offers a simple and smart payment solution.  The offer is affordable to empower companies to help them to grow and thrive. Affordable credit card processing gives an impetus to business development since entrepreneurs are free to offer discounts and lower prices for their commodities and services. Sticking to this policy, the company tries to avoid extra fees for serving more consumers and use of additional tools. 

The platform’s founder states that it is necessary to accept payments easier, without much complicated paperwork involved. Therefore, the team created the system that allows merchants to start working with the system almost immediately. The whole preliminary procedure takes several minutes, as a rule. The task of the team was to provide conditions for that and it coped with the challenge. 

The system with the ambitious plans tries to employ the latest equipment and high-class infrastructure to make the whole procedure smart. There should not be old terminals using belated technologies for smooth work of the system. All transactions should be processed seamlessly regardless of the way payments are accepted. 

The features that are available for merchants include subscriptions and recurring payments, invoicing, virtual terminal, POS, Helcim card reader, online checkout and hosted payment pages. It is also possible to use an API for convenience. 

Customer service

The customer service is available round-the-clock. It is possible to discuss the issues on phone with its members who promise to deliver amazing service without hidden fees, pressure and contracts. You can also contact the customer team through email. 

Helcim fees

The company practices tiered pricing. It means that the rate depends on transaction volume. With the expansion of business, growth of customer base and sales volume, merchants pay less for each transaction. The company doesn’t impose a monthly fee on its clients. 

Depositing funds, account holders should expect them in the bank account within a couple of business days. Daily transactions are connected in batches and then deposited to the account. 

How to join the system

The official website includes many guides and tutorials that tell how to use the system. The software is compatible with many shopping carts and systems so it is often seamlessly integrated. Users should sign up to start using the system. Merchants are asked to share basic information about their companies. The system can be used without delay right after the registration. 


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