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First Pay

First Pay is a leader in offering powerfully built POS systems and mobile integrations to businesses in multiple industries across North America. Its influence within the payment sphere is underscored by a spectrum of value-added services, such as: 

  • Mobile Payments
  • eCommerce transactions
  • Gift Card and loyalty offers
  • Digital signage integration
  • Point of sale systems

First Pay is focused on collaborative partnerships with clients.

An Array of POS System Tools and Software 

First Pay’s main focus lies in POS systems. With this service, customers can pay in a simple, contactless way, with a quick swipe of a card. With Verifone Vx820, businesses of all kinds can equip their stores and countertops with the newest wired payment technology. This powerful POS terminal also contains a built-in printer, for added convenience.

If you’re looking for wireless POS, First Pay has it. The VX 680 terminal is sturdy, lightweight, and portable, ideal for mobile sales and events. It accepts debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cards, and is PCI and EMV compliant.

First Pay also brings several great mobile payment solutions to businesses. The Clover Go Contactless Reader emerges as a top-tier POS solution for the safe and fast execution of credit card swipes, inserts, and contactless transactions. 

This POS is a perfect option for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay transactions. It also seamlessly inherits the robust payment functionalities and security measures of other Clover devices First Pay offers.

Additionally, Clover Station’s high-performance productive countertop POS brings intelligent software that can:

  • Make payments
  • Track inventory
  • Manage timesheets
  • Run reports and print

On the other hand, there’s Clover Mobile – for businesses that move like food trucks, festivals, or pay-at-the-table restaurants. Businesses that have customers in line will also benefit from this fast POS solution.

Clover Mini is perfectly designed for small businesses. This POS brings support for swipe, EMV chip, and contactless payments.

There’s also a Clover® Go Contactless Reader, a go-to POS system for secure credit card swipes, inserts, and contactless transactions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. This powerful tool boasts equivalent industrial-grade payment capabilities and security protocols as First Pay’s expansive line of larger Clover® devices.

Similar to Mobile Payment solutions, Clover Flex offers increased flexibility, suited for businesses on the go. Customers can swipe, enter their PIN, dip, and sign, regardless of where they stand or sit.

There are also several Dejavoo® solutions:

  • Dejavoo® Countertop – EMV and NFC Contactless payments, Dial, IP & WiFi communications, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass support
  • Dejavoo® PIN Pad Terminals – interface with VARS, Androids, iOS, PC POS, best suitable for eCommerce and mCommerce businesses
  • Dejavoo® Wireless – dual communication, EMV, and NFC Contactless support, no gateways, perfect for pay-at-the-table options

How To Start With First Pay

To get started with First Pay, head over to the Home page and scroll down to the contact form. Alternatively, go to the Contact page to find a phone number. If you’re looking for mobile integrations, check out the POS tab, scroll down, and select the right option based on your location. 


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