The reality of globalization is far from what it used to be. Nations have exchanged and assimilated each others’ languages, food, and even way of life. The internet has further opened the world, especially with the advent of e-commerce. The expansion has gone economical and people now exchange goods and services. That is where a payment service such as Direcpay comes in. 

Advantages of DirecPay

You can select the payment method that best matches your needs from among the several that DirecPay offers. DirecPay has you covered for everything from credit cards and debit cards to online banking and mobile payments.

Integration with Major Online Stores

For online enterprises, seamless integration is essential, and DirecPay is aware of this. All of the popular online shopping outlets, including OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, and CS-Cart, are smoothly integrated with it. This indicates that retailers may smoothly integrate DirecPay into their current e-commerce architecture.

Accessibility on Mobile

In a time when mobile devices are commonplace, DirecPay makes sure you may access its services wherever you are. You are able to handle your payments and transactions from the palm of your hand thanks to the platform’s mobile applications, which are available for both Android and iOS smartphones.


By offering you the option to personalize your payment gateway website, DirecPay goes above and beyond. By doing so, you can keep your brand’s identity consistent throughout the payment process and foster confidence.

Supplemental Services

DirecPay provides certain services in addition to payment processing. These consist of domain registration and hosting services, SEO and PPC advertising tools to increase your online visibility, and even a Channel Partner Programme to make use of your network of contacts in the business world.

How to Begin Using DirecPay

Starting up with DirecPay is a simple procedure:

  • Check out the official website: Visit the official DirecPay website at http://www.direcpay.com to get started. 
  • Call DirecPay at: Use the above contact details, which include a phone number, to get in touch with DirecPay. You can enquire about their offerings, costs, and any particular needs your company might have.
  • Create a Custom Payment Gateway: Once you’ve made the decision to utilize DirecPay, you may collaborate with their staff to adapt your payment gateway page to suit your needs and your brand’s identity.
  • Including DirecPay: Integrate DirecPay easily into your current platform if you already have an online store. Integration is made possible by the platform’s compatibility with multiple platforms.

Start operations: With DirecPay up and running, you can widen your business’s tentacles with people seamlessly checking out from multiple locations.


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