DCC Payments

DCC Payments is a financial company that, primarily, caters to the needs of SMEs. The platform serves large companies as well. The team is ready to create custom solutions that suit the needs of your business in the best way. 

The company behind the platform is DCC Data Communication that can boast more than 20 years of expertise in the field. At the time of writing, the company served over 250K customers. The offices of the facility are located in Spain and Cyprus. 

The company has a huge expertise in the FinTech sphere. The platform offers PCI DSS certified solutions that provides safety and security of its users. The infrastructure embraces the services of the platform united under one umbrella. The platform tries to attain the simplicity of the FinTech solutions that should always be like that in the opinion of its founders. It helps to win the competition and be ahead of business rivals. Much attention is paid to development since the platform tries to introduce advanced technologies as it serves its clients. 

DCC Payments highlights

Scalability is one of the advantages of the system. If the business develops, it is not problematic to modify the solution to the growing needs of the enterprise. The platform offers stationary and mobile terminals to merchants, processes electronic payments, and more.

The team offers technical assistance on a high level, thus removing any discomfort of using the platform. All clients are served by a team of experienced professionals. The custom support is available round-the-clock. It also prevents technical obstacles that often arise at such services. Everything works smoothly, the system is well synchronized with all devices. The processes are automated and this simplifies the work. 

 Customers are absolutely secure since the facility meets the highest security standards. The platform serves clients globally and can accept payments in local currencies depending on the location. It can be Euro, US dollar, Japanese yen, etc. 

The company practices a customer-centric approach and manages complicated tasks with regards to such policy. It helps to strengthen the loyalty of its clients thanks to such an approach and create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for users. POS systems are deployed in accordance with precise specifications and configured accordingly. The platform can cope with any project regardless of its size. 

Benefits of DCC

  • Responsive customer service that reacts to the needs of its customers 24/7; 
  • Reliable infrastructure;
  • Easy installation and deployment of the project;
  • Smooth technical work of the system;
  • Payments in local currencies.

How to connect to the system

Those who want to join the system, can get high-quality POS hardware and software too at a competitive price. The team promises to provide the best option to meet the specific demands of businesses. What is needed is to inform the team about these requirements. The applicant should request a call from the team that should follow soon thereafter. 



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