CardKnox is a platform that includes a payment gateway and a processor. Though it unites both components, there is a possibility to use a gateway for enterprises without using the same processor. Those who used the other processor, can select the gateway only. The official website of the company reports about the compatibility of the gateway with most popular payment processors, though it doesn’t provide details.

The company behind the platform was launched in 2010 in New Jersey when it tried to solve the problem of EMV credit card payments processing. Currently, the company has thousands of customers in the USA, Canada, and the U.K.

CardKnox highlights

The payment solution suits legal entities without a tech expert in the staff. The functionality of a hosted checkout page is incredibly simple, so even technically non-savvy users can understand it. The platform allows settlements in local currencies. Using it, merchants can integrate Apple Pay, accept PIN debit cards, which present the most affordable option since they don’t charge much for processing. It also allows accepting checks and installment payments so that clients can pay on the schedule to space out their payments. Additionally, merchants and businesses can employ the instrument of gift cards attracting more customers.

The platform’s functionality can be used for reports that allow users to get the latest information and, consequently, make smarter business decisions. Since the project started to help developers, this is natural that it was designed with this focus in mind. Thus, it developed an SDK that can be integrated with several terminals. The solution allows merchants to accept EMV chip credit cards.

Other features available for the platform include:

  •         Smart routing

The team of the platform performs numerous checks to route the transaction.

  •         Tokenization

The platform has come up with a true tokenization, which assigns a unique ID for each transaction.

  •         Validated P2PE

It employs a mix of protected devices, processes and apps for the absolute security of the transactions.

The security of the system

The platform also protects its customers with tools preventing fraud. It uses FraudShield technology for this, which rates the risk of a transaction prior to its approval. It means that the account holder understands the level of risk before making this or that decision. Also, the customers are secure since the company is PCI compliant. There is a unique identifier to each transaction thanks to the tokenization technique. The platform employs the function of multi-tokenization that uses one token for various Cardknox accounts. The platform uses 3D secure protocol adding an additional security level to the system, which provides authentication of the online credit card payments. Those who select Cardknox get 3D Secure integration on an automated basis.

How to join the system

It is possible to create a sandbox to try the system first. The team developed plugins for different systems such as Netsuite, WooCommerce, and Magento plugin. You should tell the team about your business needs before joining the platform. Also, it is necessary to fill out the form and share detailed information about your company.


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