BringallPay is a fintech company that develops payment solutions for businesses. It also provides a suite of professional services for international enterprises. In an effort to be most efficient, the platform developed a wide range of services expected to be in high-demand in this market segment. In this, it creates tailor-made solutions to meet the demands of companies, providing simultaneous technical support to them. 

The main goal of the platform is to create an all-inclusive service for e-commerce companies working globally. It mainly targets Chinese enterprises that plan to go global, so the platform is fully committed to this mission. It tries to introduce innovative solutions to upgrade and promote cross-border financial services. It employs the service network and best technical resources for it. 

Highlights of the system

The company standing behind the platform is Shenzhen Bringallpay Technology Service Co. The platform works in accordance with its risk control technology, embracing such aspects as operating control, merchant information collection, industry market update, and secure transaction processing.

The platform developed a solution that combined many things under one umbrella. As a result, the founders developed a facility with tech support, platform’s sales, and service integration. It includes several professional teams that specialize in different spheres. The key personalities working on Bringallpay previously worked in such companies as PayPal, eBay, Tencent, and other famous technical giants. 

The company has a PCI-approved system management that delivers security to its users. Using such features as payment verification, payment filter, fraud detection and early warning, fraud monitoring system, and payment filter, Bringallpay contributes to the platform’s security.

Bringallpay security

The company takes measures if the fraudulent order is revealed. If the team sees a suspicious order or some abnormal activity, it is immediately curbed to prevent cybercrimes and protect the platform’s users. It helps merchants not to lose money and appeal the chargeback order. 

The customer service performs smart screening on transaction completion. Members of the team contact the cardholder for confirmation of the order in order to inform the merchant of the outcome. This is done to avoid potential chargeback. 

The team has tried to develop a convenient interface for merchants. The interface of the platform has versions in English and Chinese. The customer service also works in two languages. 

Despite all advantages mentioned on the official website of the platform, the system has numerous negative reviews on Trustpilot for some reason. In this connection, it is worth considering this option attentively before choosing.

 Benefits of the service

  1. Highly qualified technical team;
  2. Provision of marketing and product big data to companies enabling them to operate more efficiently;
  3. Follow-up price adjustment tools;
  4. Excellent CRM system;
  5. Bilingual custom team.

How to connect to the system

Merchants should contact the team to connect the system. There are departments of business consulting and overseas marketing. Clients can call there directly or send the message to discuss the terms of cooperation and other questions of concern. Customer service guarantees the response to the application within 24 hours. Bilingual specialists work meticulously to provide the best possible service. 



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