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AppexMoney is a PCI DSS-compliant company that offers payment solutions for businesses. This is an international financial holding company that is licensed to operate in the European Union and the CIS countries. The payment system services enterprises with different turnovers, so it targets businesses of different sizes and business areas.

The service accepts bank cards of the most famous international payment network processors including Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay, MIR, and others within the frames of one agreement. Internet acquiring offered by the service helps to get online payments from customers located anywhere in the world, so merchants can easily sell products or services on websites, mobile apps, social media, etc. 

It is a convenient service for businesses that make mass payouts to their customers on a regular basis. The platform ensures instant arrival of money to e-wallets, bank accounts, and settlement accounts. Along with alternative payment methods such as WebMoney, YooMoney, and Qiwi, it is possible to employ internet banking in the Republic of Vietnam. Besides, cryptocurrency holders can perform crypto payments through the system. This is the most cost-effective way to perform payments. 

The simplicity of payment processing offered by the team was highly assessed by representatives of different companies. Numerous payment methods added on the website with help of AppexMoney are used to boost conversion and increase the loyalty of customers. The platform also offers a mobile commerce feature that enables payments for goods and services through debiting cell phone carrier balance.

Benefits of the payment platform

  • The team of the system offers services at competitive rates. At this, the company employs the adaptation of rates to a client’s turnover. As the volume of sales increases, a merchant has to pay lower commission. 
  • The payments are delivered instantly due to cascading and optimum payment routing employed by the company. 
  • The companies are connected without delay to the system. The number of documents required for the connection is minimal. In general, the whole process takes several days to start using full-fledged functionality of the system. 
  • Monitoring features help to control the performance easily. Intuitive interface in the personal area allows effective monitoring and management of cash flow. 
  • The team focused on security as it worked over the service. Much attention was given to the prevention of fraud during transactions. Besides, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance of the company helps merchants feel safe as they enter partnership with the company. 
  • Merchants can rely on round-the-clock support performed by highly professional experts. 
  • The company welcomes individual approaches when working with different companies.
  • Availability of modern API and fast connection makes the company stand out in the market.
  • The geographical coverage is wide. It is possible to accept payments from any country of the world.
  • It is convenient to use one provider for numerous payment solutions. 
  • The integration and setup of the payment system is simple. There is a detailed guide on integration of the service.

How to connect to the system

The terms of cooperation are offered with regard to the business area of the applicant. It is possible to select a solution that is more suitable for your enterprise. Merchants should only fill out the connection request offered on the official website of the company and submit it. The company promises to contact the applicant shortly after the form is sent. 



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