As the world goes borderless daily, businesses are incessantly trying to overcome territorial barriers by taking their business bases online. It is crucial for these businesses to be able to make and receive payments from different parts of the world. This necessitates payment solutions such as Accentpay that make the fulfilment of this need possible, as it is adaptable to payment preferences in multiple countries. 

Accentpay is a payment solutions aggregator founded in 2014. It has positioned itself as a suitable choice for businesses of all kinds looking to integrate a solid payment service into their platforms across niches and sectors. Be it fintech or retail, there’s a perk Accentpay has to offer.

From humble beginnings, Accentpay has grown to a platform serving many nations and even industry categories like gaming as a lot of online casinos rely on the Accentpay service to process their payments. The integration is smooth, and easy and offers tight security to platforms leveraging it.

Benefits of using Accentpay

Being an older player in the electronic payment industry, it has honed its services to cater effectively to e-commerce payment needs. 

Payment Gateway for All Risk Levels

Accentpay provides a payment gateway with an API that is appropriate for low-, medium-, and high-risk e-commerce companies. The platform is highly sophisticated, merging several features and offering many services seamlessly. Accentpay is PCI Level 1 certified speaking of security.

Market Segments

Accentpay provides B2B services for both the e-commerce and finance industry segments. Although Accentpay started in London, it now has a significant global presence. Singapore, Belarus, Cyprus, Ukraine, Latvia, and the UK are among the locations where the corporation maintains offices.

Customized Payment Options

Accentpay has tailored solutions based on the peculiarities of each industry. It has created a highly customizable platform that permits e-wallets, mobile payments, and more. This way, businesses can choose and use exactly what suits them.

Comprehensive information

Clients get access to real-time information on all trade operations in their CRM thanks to Accentpay’s API connectivity. This data-driven strategy promotes thoughtful decision-making and offers insightful information on trends in customer behavior and transaction volume.

Custom Payment Menu

With Accentpay, you have the flexibility to design your own payment compatible with different devices and operating systems. With the help of this functionality, you can give your consumers a smooth payment experience in a setting that bears your brand.

Improved User Experience

Accentpay’s main objective is to cut down on the amount of clicks necessary to complete a deposit. Their technological experts have created the best payment situations, guaranteeing that your clients’ transactions go smoothly. You may set up extra criteria, depending on your company plan,

How to get started on Accentpay

Follow these steps to take advantage of Accentpay’s strong payment solutions:

  • Check out the official website
  • Input user Information including name, expected monthly revenue, phone number, etc
  • Be prepared to receive support from Accentpay representatives
  • Sign the contract

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