Started in 2014, AdvCash is a reliable payment platform and electronic wallet used by 5 million-plus customers across 150 nations. AdvCash is headquartered in Belize City, Belize, and allows its users to transfer funds in 9 currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, BRL, TRY, UAH, KZT, and VND) and 13 cryptocurrencies with mutual conversions and without limits. Customers can use AdvCash to pay bills as well as shopping. AdvCash has a physical card that can be used at places that accept Visa and UnionPay cards.

AdvCash provides two accounts; personal and business. Customers get a personal account after being verified. With a personal account, customers can make deposits and withdrawals, shop online (using a virtual card) or offline (physical card), pay bills, or exchange their currency/cryptocurrency. Business account is designed for business owners to centrally manage their finances and automate billing and invoicing. AdvCash provides services of a modern bank—it allows customers to hold, convert, or wire funds to other users (instant with zero charges between AdvCash users) and earn passive interest on funds deposited. 

AdvCash security features come in handy to protect both personal and business accounts against any potential breach. The intelligent identification checks for suspicious login activities and blocks access to your account if there’s a change in IP address or browser type. A security pin will be sent to your email to enable you to access your account. The payment password feature ensures secure withdrawal requests and money transfers. IP restrictions allow users to restrict their accounts to specific IP addresses and ranges. The two-factor authentication and SMS authorization allows users to receive a one-time password needed to access their account. Lastly, users can leverage the code cards (cards with preloaded codes) to authorize transactions.

Major Benefits of Using AdvCash 

  • AdvCash is reliable, and trustworthy, and uses multiple security tools to protect its customers’ accounts against any potential breach. 
  • AdvCash is cost-effective. It doesn’t charge service fees and offers free transfers between its users. AdvCash charges from 0.5% + 1-5 EUR for withdrawals and 3.5% + €1-5 deposit fee. 
  • AdvCash supports 9 currencies and 13 cryptocurrencies and is available in 150 countries. This makes it easy to convert the currencies and send them instantly for free. 
  • AdvCash offers a referral program allowing users to earn 20% of the transaction fees of new users that register using their unique referral codes. 
  • AdvCash offers a crypto savings account that allows users to earn a passive income of up to 10.3% APY for holding cryptocurrency. 
  • AdvCash offers both virtual and physical payment cards, making online and offline shopping seamless. 
  • AdvCash provides 24/7 customer support through several call centers, email addresses, live chat, FAQs, and a ticket system. 

How to Connect to AdvCash

To register on AdvCash, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official AdvCash website and click the Signup option 
  • Choose the account type and fill in all your credentials including a password
  • Accept the terms and conditions, and click the Register button 
  • Click on the Not Verified option to verify your identity using a code sent to your phone number then provide a photo of your ID document 

The verification process may take several days. Successful verification gives you full access to all AdvCash features.  



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