E-commerce / Low-risk businesses

Enjoy instant access to 300+ connectors with a single integration of your e-commerce platform to our system.

Easily consolidate data from multiple payment channels in one easy-to-use payment platform.

What We Offer:

One-click payments.

Implement tokenization to create a smooth checkout experience and capture more revenue;

Consolidated data.

Keep all data from multiple payment channels in one place for simplified monitoring and management;

Smart routing and cascading.

Akurateco Cashier will help you increase your transaction approval ratio with innovative Smart routing and Cascading features;

An easy-to-use Admin Panel.

Enjoy detailed reporting and insights in our Admin Panel to help you make data-driven and cost-effective business decisions.

Simplify Payment Data Management

Payment software by Akurateco will help you optimize your payment strategy and traffic management. Utilize powerful technology to ace your e-commerce business growth.

Why Akurateco?


Our white-label payment gateway is fully-customizable allowing you to fine-tune the solution to your specific needs.

Competitive Rates.

Along with cutting-edge payment technology and dedicated customer support, we guarantee competitive rates.


We’ve created a secure fraud prevention system to keep your funds safe inside our system.

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