CellPay is a payment service facilitated for open customer use in 2019, which allows the transfer of payment through mobile applications (iOS and Android) and websites. It is licensed under NRB (Nepal Rastra Bank), owned by IMS group, and supports wallet and link facilities. CellPay uses PCI/DSS level security to ensure protected transactions and follows global security mechanisms for security and safety. 

It is launched with a vision to improve the telecommunication services application value for the mass consumer market in Nepal. It is the first put-together bill pay and e-top-up services for Nepal Telecom, prioritizing real-time, convenient day-to-day transactions. 

CellPay can be used for electricity, internet, cable TV, insurance premium, credit card, demat renewal fee, mobile recharge, water bill payments, and merchant payments at retail stores, restaurants, and e-commerce websites. When paying through CellPay, you only need a bank account and can instantly transfer the funds. 

Banks partnered with CellPay include Himalayan Bank, Century Bank, Everest Bank, Citizens Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Kumari Bank, Muktinath Bikas Bank, NIC Aisa Bank, Mega Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Kamanasewa Bank, and ICFC Bank. 

CellPay transaction limits from the mobile app are – 

  • Daily transaction limit – INR 3.00,000
  • Per transaction limit – INR 1.00,000

At the same time, transaction limits from the web app are – 

  • Daily transaction limit – INR 20.00,000
  • Per transaction limit – INR 10.00,000

Wallet-to-wallet transaction number limit is 10, and there is no limit for services or product payment at online or retail merchant stores. There are no transaction fees for payment to the merchant, but for fund transfers to CellPay customers, INR 5 fees are charged for transactions up to 1,00,000 and INR 10 for transfer values between 1,00,001 to 10,00,000. 

Advantages of Using CellPay 

The following are the features of CellPay which make it an ideal payment platform- 

  • It allows instant fund transfers and gives notification for each transaction. 
  • Funds from CellPay can also be transferred to a mobile number, where the receiver’s linked bank account will be credited. 
  • Users can also make payments from CellPay to merchants or individuals through a QR code. 
  • Users will be rewarded with loyalty points on each transaction. 
  • The platform has low fee structures to make it economical for every minor use. 

Apart from the platforms’ benefits, CellPay also has promotional offers, providing a top-up of INR 100 when user link their bank account, a 10% loyalty bonus on their first transaction, and a 3% discount on utility and top-up payments. 

How to Use CellPay?

Following are the steps to register to CellPay and use it for instant fund transfers – 

  • Download the CellPay app from Apple or Android store. 
  • Log In or Sign up with your name, email, and contact number to the CellPay app. 
  • Enter the PIN, and authenticate with the OTP from your registered number. 
  • You need to update KYC, which will take a few hours or days for activation. 

Once done, you can easily link your bank account with the CellPay account and transfer funds. 

For funds transfers, open the app, and provide the mobile or bank account number where you want to transfer the funds and the amount and PIN to authenticate.

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